1. The main one is that affray is victimless. For affray you just need violent behaviour that's likely to make regular folk fear for their safety, you don't need to prove injuries and you don't need the recipient of said violence to stand up in court and talk about it.

  2. Tacking onto this, you can be arrested for affray in either a public or private place, which includes your own home. That’s provided we suspect that someone is likely to fear for their safety as a result of the behaviour.

  3. This is fucking amazing. This guy is wearing his stabby like a set of braces 🤣

  4. 'DIs don't tend to be first responders'

  5. As long as the overtime gets signed off that’s exactly how we like it!

  6. That's good to know, how far in until they get one, also how does it work do they leave it at work or can they take it home?

  7. No idea when they’re issued. Mine was during initial training I think.

  8. We had these. They had nets attached that ran from floor to ceiling and you could wind them across to make 3 separate badminton courts, or wind them back to open the room up.

  9. Anything with a cringey 999 number plate.

  10. The Met issued the county forces with white shirts and ties for today in order to look uniform.

  11. this. Lots of TVP officers looking like they’ve nicked their Dad’s shirt off the washing line.

  12. This! Competitive but fantastic money, lots of the job is about concentrating for long periods, if your ok with that. 50k upwards easy!

  13. The jobs are also like rocking horse poo poo…

  14. Look up the competency value framework. Your board will have a question for each of the sections. Have at least 2 relevant examples per section.

  15. I though the whole point was to speed run the NCALTS so you don't fall asleep.

  16. The point is to any% speed run the training AND then fall asleep, using the time you’ve saved speed running.

  17. The advanced course is still the system of car control, it’s just about applying it safely at higher speeds. It’s also about showing that you can operate a high performance vehicle safely, since overtakes that wouldn’t necessarily be achievable in a low powered car may now be do-able.


  19. Get hold of the Competency Value Framework, its literally used a scoresheet for those.

  20. Great example of someone who thought this was protecting his property.

  21. Protect your property all the way, assuming you’re in it when it’s being burglared and the force you use is halfway reasonable.

  22. Put twice as much effort into your diet than your training.

  23. The Ghost is probably my favourite shop matching that description

  24. Don't let it become a self fulfilling prophesy. Yes there is plenty of divorce in the force. There are also plenty of happy stable marriages that last beyond your career. You don't hear about that as much because people prefer gossip and drama.

  25. Except your partner. Shag them regularly. The more shagging the better.

  26. Or “top shagger”, that’s an honorific to aspire to!

  27. We had one that drilled holes in his warrant card shield and wore it around his neck on a chain so he looked all NYPD. Used to turn up to the nick wearing it!

  28. Hahahaha - thank you for the light relief! Probably drink on the job but I'll let him off for being a loveable rouge (and yes I will justify that at proceedings if needed)

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