Guy recorded every arm flop his cat made over the span of a year

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  1. My wbc tanked too. Was your iron and sat this high before your last phleb?

  2. Great info, thank you. My sats are about the same as last check ~60 days ago, iron is a bit lower, ferritin is dropping 20 pts per 500 ml phleb. I'd expected lower Sat & fe by now.

  3. I cried my first two phlebs, which I understand now was unconscious somaticized relief.

  4. Oh man, I have to be so careful with meat as even the best quality product can trigger histamine overload. I'm much better off low/no meat. Fwiw, I've been vegan and keto.

  5. We had a cat like this, years ago. Played fetch and everything. And he also panted like that. Turns out that both he and his brother had congenial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. As long as it's diagnosed and medicated before there's a crisis, they can live nice normal lives. Mine were diagnosed as at about 9 months. One lived to be 8 and the other nearly 17.

  6. Came here to share a very similar story. I thought it was cute when my girls did it, now I see the behavior as potentially indicative of heart issues.

  7. BS @32, MA @49, PhD (I hope!) @52. My decades of life experience have served me well in academic study.

  8. Oh yes, this one is epic! I read it in the middle summer on a Greek island that was a sunny as sunny could be and still felt Gothic dread haunting me for days. Enjoy!

  9. Lune & aster cc cream. It's a bit heavy but has great coverage and blends easily. I also use anything la Roche posay.

  10. Not being able to stay down at night is the worst. It’s usually about 3am for me as well. Recently started magnesium citrate (250mg) closer to bed time and hitting six hour sessions. Feels so good.

  11. I have never been able to drink more that 2 oz without becoming sick but I believe it to be a histamine intolerance issue, exacerbated by my HH. When I'm in a histamine flare even the smell of alcohol can make me queasy. (Homozygous C282Y)

  12. RC physician informed me that the organization lacks the funding to screen blood for non- hereditary hemochromatosis etiology, ie, hepatitis, alcoholism, and fatty liver diesase, and this is what he understood to be the basis for declining blood from HH individuals. I actually did donate there once, being O - and everything, and was sent a terse break up letter informing me that my iron levels were too far out of range for my blood to be useable and barring me from donating for 1 year.

  13. Yes, I've posted about that before. Curious why you pointed that out? Was my post in violation of a rule???

  14. I'm a midwife and can confirm that being born "in the caul" happens maybe 3-5% of my births at home.

  15. It's really cool to see IRL! I don't let babies just...chill in the sack though, I like them to get on with the business of breathing. As long as the cord is connected to the placenta the babe is receiving some oxygen, but typically the placenta releases from the wall of the uterus PDQ after birth so the babe needs to begin breathing pretty quickly, within the first minute or so is typical. The babe needs to be oxygenated somehow (preferably by their own breathing effort!) within 4 mins of cord-cutting or of placental separation. Babies could conceivably grow outside a womb if temperature and oxygenation were correct, but the empty uterus shrinks around the placenta causing it to slide off the uterine wall cutting off the baby's oxygen supply, so that would have to be accounted for, too.

  16. Hey there- You are NOT childish...a negative response to needles and the sight of blood kept your ancestors alive long enough to pass down their hemochromatosis! Your body is trying to help keep you alive and safe. I draw blood/start IV's regularly for work and have found hypnotherapy to be very helpful for both needle and blood aversions. Hypnobox works well or a trained hypnotherapist could record a specialized session for you. Also, in the US home birth midwives can do your phlebs at home (though could not donate the blood) so if that sounds easier than being in clinic, hit the googles and find your local midwife. DM if you're not finding resources and I'll ask around. Some will take insurance, too.

  17. Welcome to the club! Your tote bag and guide to Phlebotomy at Home are in the mail.

  18. Pfizer x 3, mild side effects and bonus: no covid. Actually I'm seeing some repigmentation recently but I'm assuming it's now vax related.

  19. You'll feel better when iron sat drops below 60%

  20. This. My sat levels are what determine my energy. And as my ferritin decreased, so did my SIBO and FODMAP sensitivities allowing for a broader diet.

  21. What do you all use for the pain? I can't have ibuprofen, Tylenol, aspirin, or narcotic because they are all processed in the liver. I asked my general practitioner and he said no to pretty much everything OTC or prescribed and just said, "sorry , there's not really any options for you." I tried smoking weed a couple times after that (illegal here) but that didn't help me like some people say it helps their pain, it just made me think about the pain more than I already do and worry I might lose my job if I got in an accident the next 2 weeks or more after i did that. The joint and abdominal pain is very intense sometimes and I'd be all ears for any ideas you might have.

  22. You're in a tough spot, it sucks and I'm sorry. There's a reason the toughest triathlon is called the Ironman, what you're experiencing is not for the feint of heart! Blood draws every 3 days would be very draining emotionally, physically, and psychologically. While I'm glad you've found this sub I wonder if you might also benefit from having a good therapist in your corner to help navigate all this complexity. No matter how much game you prepared in an iron skillet, you didn't create this illnes, ya just drew the short straw.

  23. For me it was undiagnosed hereditary hemochromatosis. All symptoms are ameliorating after 5 months of treatment for HH. Turns out iron overload + MTHFR = badness.

  24. This is fantastic news! Congrats, internet stranger, and well done. At some point you might question the choice to attend grad school or your ability to complete the program, or the program's fit for your goals. You might feel overwhelmed at not ever feeling 'finished' with all you need to read and research. Remember this feeling of joy and let it buoy you over the doubts and exhaustion. Eye on the prize!

  25. I like th eILU massage (and reco it for my gassy babies!) I g=find using magnesium gel helps, too.

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