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  1. More than a third of songs are in one of four keys, all major keys apparently, so it appears people may tend to lean to a particular key. So I don’t know why it’s a stupid question. Cunto!!

  2. You are obviously a shitty DJ if you are asking this question in the first place. Do the world a favor and quit now before endangering anyone’s hearing with your trash.

  3. You can barely DJ at all and already you are trying to find shortcuts and be lazy. That’s fuckin stupid. For the love of god, quit DJin.

  4. You’re right. It’s a stupid question. Fuckin stupid. Please stop.

  5. They are obviously talking about radio DJs, or presenters as they are called some places. Not DJs who spin music. Don’t be fuckin stupid.

  6. You CAN DJ without electronic music, but YOU shouldn’t DJ at all. This was fuckin stupid.

  7. Op was too fuckin lazy to delete the post and repost with the correct title. Fuckin stupid.

  8. Do whatever works for YOU. Don’t listen to this sun and it’s stupid “rules” about equipment and mixxing. Just do YOU.

  9. First - I wouldn’t be a fuckin idiot and accept a gig after two weeks. The first impression people are gonna see of you as a DJ is two weeks worth of “practice”.

  10. More stupid nonsense from this sub = the idea of “ethically and legally” allowed to play records.

  11. I realize you're a troll or just stupid, but why pick on DJs to troll? There's plenty of other subs that are easy bait if your thing is to sit in your mom's basement and hurl insults at others.

  12. This sub is probably one of the worst things to happen to DJs. The amount of bad advice, misinformation, gate-keeping, and pure idiocy is ruining the futures of tons of DJs. You should be ashamed for being involved with it. Also, fuck you.

  13. Wow, you bring so much to the conversation! How about getting out of Mom's basement and touching some grass. Your comment history shows you've never actually made a constructive comment on Reddit, you're just a troll. You're the stupid one.

  14. I’m not wrong tho. He’s crying over a one hour set. His brain is so adled from the nonsense spewed by this sub, that he can’t just learn and grow on his own. And it’s because if shit DJs like you. Or whomever the fuck you are. So yeah, it’s a troll account. Welcome to Reddit stupid. You sound like an old man with the mothers basement stuff too. You repeated it even. Not creative. Probably shows in your DJing too. Go buy some songs off iTunes and shut the fuck up.

  15. So your post is completely wrong? Fuckin delete it then, dumbass. This is fuckin stupid.

  16. Have you not once watched one of the literally thousands of DJs on Twitch? This is fuckin stupid.

  17. Dunning-Kruger Effect right here. Classic “new-DJ syndrome”. SMH

  18. And you’re still in the “should be me up there” phase? Means you are super insecure. And probably not very good.

  19. Classic example of New DJ Syndrome - got a little bit of knowledge and now immediately thinks they know more than they do, and denigrates other DJs. Happens all the time.

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