1. Just go to Lala's which is better anyway. Like why pay to go to a Christmas bar when you can literally go to a Christmas bar any day of the year?

  2. Better is subjective- totally different experiences, and different crowds. Up to you if that’s worth it

  3. I'm going to assume based off of the small video I watched and absolutely 0 background in farming that the weeds must grow higher and faster then the crops and they just try to use an average hieght for the electro thingy to kill as little cropsand as many weeds. But this could just be waffle

  4. Your farming knowledge (or lack there of) aside, I’m intrigued by your use of waffle

  5. Really been wanting to try them, but the lines are always insane. Are they any better than Golden Tiger?

  6. Biggie’s is delicious and easily accessible. Solid option

  7. Desert Door is owned by 3 Bro-chuds and used Trump allies to lobby against protections for Mexican sotol producers and transparency

  8. I love desert door, so that’s sucks. Do you have links to more info?

  9. Did anyone go to the Reddit-sponsored mod / community party yesterday at Smash ATX?

  10. Ah forgot about that! I was sick anyway, but would've been a great opportunity to doxx myself.

  11. I was just at the Dr Pepper museum in Waco. Pretty cool history

  12. I think Titaya is the only passable Thai in Austin

  13. You might like Barbarella. It IS on 6th Street, but they have a great 80s Night on Fridays and an even better Y2K Night on Thursdays. 20-somethings will be there for sure, but 30-somethings and 40-somethings are also very well-represented.

  14. I had a blast at Outer Heaven a couple weekends ago. That said, I’m pretty certain I got the flu there 🙃

  15. dr3 says:

    It’s a boutique grocer, of course they’re putting them in the high rent areas and not the poors’ food deserts.

  16. My friend does Uber Eats on the side, and he’ll get orders from people to pick up stuff from the store and take it literally right up the elevator because they’re lazy. Good tips apparently though, which surprised me

  17. Think they’ve got to get the passport control upgraded before we’ll see international flights. It’s funded and an active project, but I believe will take a year or two.

  18. You don’t need a passport to PR, but I’m sure your point still stands for international

  19. Throw Najee Harris into the mix and I’m in the same predicament

  20. Apple Music does do it, it’s called Replay

  21. TIL, that was cool. Not as shareable as Spotify, but interesting nonetheless

  22. I think all the top ones have been listed, so I’ll say…. Jester King?

  23. My boss’ boss… who I’m playing… just won by 1.4 because of this. Fml

  24. Need 11 from Najee in full PPR to beat the team on an 8 game win streak. Please Najee im begging you.

  25. Check in on your local AJB owners. It may get ugly.

  26. How is he my WR1? Why do I even play? Why do I even exist?

  27. I’ve always passed this place heading to meanwhile or the like. What do you recommend there?

  28. You don’t know, they could be 9ft tall. Perfect height when sitting down

  29. I went to the wiki to make sure I caught who her character was, and it totally spoiled it haha. Silly me

  30. Most breweries are family friendly and likely have various games on. Some bars like armadillo den are kid friendly until ~6p

  31. Armadillo isn’t kid friendly on weekends any longer. Wish it was, that’d be the perfect place!

  32. Having a couple of Coors and corndogs at Frazier’s

  33. Upvote for Frazier’s. Their chopped cheese lives rent free in my head

  34. Got Ravens ROS, just need to secure a playoff spot. Send help

  35. People should stop buying iPhones until Tim Apple addresses this

  36. And Google Pixel and probably every other device anyone uses

  37. This is playoff make or break for me, and I’m thinking Geno

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