I've never seen a PvP community do everything in their power to avoid playing opponents of similar skill or better.

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  1. When I watched the S3 finale, I assumed he used the gun he had received. What makes you think he used a different gun? Maybe I missed something.

  2. uh...dude. George Lucas is not a good screenwriter, and I'm aware he's done various shady things with the Star Wars property. I certainly don't agree with all his creative choices or his business ones.

  3. I think you're overestimating how angry I am. I get much angrier than this; this feels pretty casual to me. I'm sorry if the way I said what I said makes you uncomfortable, I was only having fun with a stranger from my perspective.

  4. All good, I probably misread your tone. Sorry, I thought I edited out the "nuts" part because on second glance it seemed too personal of an attack, but I guess it didn't take.

  5. I appreciate that. We have different vocabs so our tone perception is probably different.

  6. All of it was a big manipulation by the Oracle. She knew everything everyone would do. Including Smith once she learned of his existence. She invented the concept of The One. Then she learned enough to see a way to break the cycle. That's exactly how AI learns and how powerful the predictions of AI "post-singularity" would be. So she tricked Trinity into feeling affection for Neo because she was necessary for the breaking of the cycle when Neo needed to make the choice at the Architect's Office. Even in that scene we saw that it was never possible for Neo to make a different choice.

  7. Wow that sounds awesome, like the classes do more in P2e if I understand correctly

  8. Basically all martial builds play like battlemaster so martials aside from rogue can actually be fun.

  9. Here from google. I don't really enjoy DMing 5e much but will play on occasion as a guest when invited. Pf2e fixes quite a bit of the complaints you have. It is quite literally designed as a middle ground between 5e's oversimplification and 3.5/pf1e's overcrunchification.

  10. What in the world are you saying? Isn't Ronin better than scorch at moving around? Or is that subjective? Is Steel better for armor than wood, or is that also subjective?

  11. Well, I would say that wood makes better armor when your opponent is subjectively afraid of woodland spirits. Or is that too complicated?

  12. i hope the ghost of semantics haunt you forever

  13. Without semantics, your words have no meaning. With semantics, your words have many.

  14. See, I'm voting for Trump for that very reason. The way I figure it is with trumpster fire in charge that will lead to the revolution kicking off that much faster.

  15. In all seriousness, I did the same expecting he would do something drastic and be impeached.

  16. Well to be fair, those were the players spending $500 on d1 prior to Forsaken King's drop. They're trying to do the WotC strategy where you don't have to work very hard and suck on whale titties for sustinence.

  17. Because pleasure seizures are the only thing that makes humans keep going.

  18. You are talking like staying alone is a curse. It's beautiful, and peaceful.

  19. In response to your edit: I'm only giving my opinion as well. You also sound intelligent and so I'm trying to treat you with respect though my social skills may be lacking which can come off abraisive but real talk is also just kind of like that sometimes.

  20. The other day I got a freebie because ma and a dude spawned together and he sprinted past me. But my screen loaded a second before his so I saw my radar ping first and he still had to turn around to realize his error. Melee kill. That had to be the most infuriating death.

  21. Seriously, the number of times I have ragequit due to a 4 or 5 consecutive spawndeath streak is too damn high. The icing on the cake is when some random team mate from the enemy team runs over and vigorously bags your fourth corpse in a row.

  22. Oh fuck. If he didn't hit you at all the whole match, that may have been me.

  23. Prior to making this post I searching for any variations on ivermectin, dewormer, or otherwise and did not yield any results.

  24. Best we have now is the mod that let's both stasis and solar melees stun overloads

  25. It's been a lot of fun running well mods with shards of galanor/the golden gun helmet (forgot the name) to get loooaaddsss of supers in PvE

  26. I've also been doing that but for grenades to run subclasses with ahamkara spine aside from Thousand Cuts

  27. Was I bullied in school? Lol. Do you want to take this to DMs and you can learn all about my early childhood upbringing since you seem interested? Kinda weird. No, I was simply giving the obvious reason why the guy told him to calm down. He even admitted I was right in his response to me.

  28. You don't need to. Your personality screams it. Too much stuff, not enough attention, not enough reality. You being right is independant of being an asshole about it. You weren't following your own advice. You're a hgpocrite jumping at the opportunity to put someone in their place.

  29. Oh thanks Dr. Phil, glad we got that out of the way. Lol

  30. Is this comment going to be enough to goad you into wasting more of your worthless time? I'm betting it will. The last word is important to someone like you. It's all you have in place of rationale or a sound argument. On the other hand, the potential for this to be reverse psychology is real. Maybe I'm the same. Are you just going to let me have that satisfaction? Can you really handle LOSING even your final say?

  31. When I switch to my secondary and back to the HC I can have the illegally modded holster and the cooldown active at the same time but does the cooldown negates the perk?

  32. The debuff acts more like a buff with the effect of countering the buff more than a cooldown. Because illegally modded holser can be activated while the debuff is active and trigger the debuff again before you get to benefit from the holster.

  33. It does stack but it isn't multiplicative and Sturm doesn't interact at all. The overcharge overrides the holster buff.

  34. How can it be retconned ,from my pov end was kind decided when isayama write the chapter 1 because it's clear, mikasa says see you later eren in beginning

  35. I hadn't read the second ending yet. I was speculating based off of misinformatuin.

  36. I think a lot of people are just trying to extrapolate on valid minor complaints so they have something to rant about, but there's really only so many things to say and those things aren't enough to go on a rant about.

  37. I didn't say it was good, either. I just said who uses top tree in pve?

  38. My buddy and I are both gunslingers. I run precision weapons like snipers and he runs ARs, Pulse Rifles, and cleans up mobs. He uses six shot, I use precision.

  39. No. And if I can piggyback on this thread, I just started the series and got to the episode where the "psychic" lady tells Patrick that his wife contacted her and said his daughter never woke up so she didn't suffer. Please tell me this lady gets destroyed and exposed as a fraud in a later episode and the show isn't going to continue to put in little moments to make us think maybe there are people with real powers.

  40. I just started and found that episode and after that scene, I really hope the writers have psychics be real. Because otherwise, that lady deserves worse than that.

  41. Sure, I believe in Psychics. I believe they are the absolute lowest form of scammer who prey on the vulnerabilities of vulnerable people. They are worse than the credit card scammer because they look you in the eye and lie to you.

  42. Do you think they exist in the world of the Mentalist? I'm only in season 1. But that episode with the lady psychic, at the end... if there really isn't an afterlife in the world of the mentalist, then that woman is fucking disgusting for what she said to Jane about his daughter. It doesn't give him peace, it makes him think they might be reaching out to them and he just can't hear them. That's the most horrible "gift" anyone has ever given. If she didn't do that on his wife's behalf, then her intention could only be to hurt him. And that knife cut deeper than anything she could have said.

  43. Just because your group didn’t match you doesn’t mean that speaks for the entire meta lmao

  44. Nope. Blink twice and you wont be able to slide for a few seconds. Not sure what sprinting would have to do with it.

  45. Spinting is part of the command to slide otherwise you just crouch. I just tested it again because you made me doubt it. But now I'm positive. You can slide as soon as the sprint animation begins. Spreading misinformation like you're doing is harmful to the community.

  46. LMAO how fucking dramatic "harm to the community" this is a 5 month old post with 1 upvote you clown.

  47. Good job, you understand humor. Now if you could only figure out how sliding works.

  48. Funny thing is that technically, this Ymir would have already seen the teenagers suffer before it even happened (just as Eren sees the future). So it makes zero sense for her to have to wait for the actual event to happen before she decides to let go. She would have let go right at he moment she first got Titan powers.

  49. In your proposal it doesn't happen, then she doesn't see it. Unless it happens.

  50. The thing is, what you say only further demonstrates the absurdity of the situation. This contradiction/paradox occurs since Ymir ends up “letting go” after seeing the events, while also having the ability to see the future via paths from the start. So the author blundered in composing the story. But yea, personally, AoT ended for me before the time-skip. I think the author didn’t have a sensible plan for the story since the time-skip and the story suffered for it.

  51. I see what you're saying, but I always compared it to that scene with Dr. Manhattan on Mars when he "finds out" he got cheated on. I think it's a demonstration of the theme of it being beyond our comprehension and that's why it doesn't (or shouldn't if the trope is done right) make sense to us. Logic and time are both tools man created, after all. Maybe they falter in the realm of gods.

  52. As long as you know its your opinion its fine to not be interested in the new or old games. But if you go and say stuff like the old games were shit because whatever reason then your toxic.

  53. Well sure, it's just an opinion. But not all opinions are subjective(ironically), some are based on facts. Not all opinions are equal either. If I was a decorated game designer, I would think my opinion would be worth more than some Otaku. I'm definitely Otaku, but I'm just saying that sometimes it's okay to acknowledge that an opinion lacks credence. Like if I had the opinion that Monster Hunter was a failure before World. The subjective part isn't if it was sucessful or failure, it's how you define "success".

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