1. As shown with the visored training. Whatever damage Ichigo takes within his inner world is inflicted in the real world. So Ichigo training in the dangai directly affects Ichigo in the real world which means he does use his stamina in the dangai. Lille Barro's X axis literally cannot be dodged as there is no bullet. Where ever the barrel is facing, when Lille Barro shoots, it penetrates. It is undodgeable and is stated within the fight with the royal guards. It quite literally defies the concept of blocking and yet, Shunsui manages to dodge it. We already know that Ichigo is faster and stronger than Kyoraku as in Bleach, if you have more reiatsu compared to someone else, you are stronger and or faster than that person. Ichigo is classified under a special war power and is under latent ability. But if you would want to lowball Ichigo to having low reiatsu, Shinji noted that Ichigo's spiritual pressure could be felt by the entire world in Vol21 after they clashed swords for first time. So Ichigo having more reiatsu means that he is stronger than Shunsui. Ichigo breaking a pocket dimension after going in to bankai is also another example of how much reiatsu he really has. That's just for his speed. As for Ichigo's strength, he one shot someone who could destroy the universe of Bleach twice. Ichigo's ap could literally lead to the collapse of the Bleach universe as in order to strike someone in bleach, you must be relative in reiatsu to the person you are trying to cut.

  2. 1.) I have already answered it 2.) In Vol 67 when Oetsu got shot, Lilies Barro says these words exactly "There are no bullets. It uniformly penetrates anything in between the muzzle of my gun and the target. As you have said during the fight with Shunsui. Lille managed to land some shots on Shunsui. Someone who was easily able to dodge multiple ceros when he was fighting starkk without much effort

  3. Them not getting together at the end officially still haunts me to this day

  4. Apparently. The OP in that post was suffering from some sort of mental illness. But I don't really know how that correlates with the brushing teeth part. If anyone knows, pls inform me about it. I actually am interested to know🙏

  5. Hideaki Sorachi, Yuki Tabata and Eichiiro Oda. These are some of the GOATs in making good shonen jump female characters

  6. Hahaha where exactly is that? Do I go to the summon area to find it or the pvp shop that has the drop down menu to all those exchanges?

  7. Go to Shop/Summons. And then click on exchanges. Click on the Medal Exchange above Categories and you will find the epic raid shop

  8. Kensei was such a waiste, he didnt do anything in the past being defeated by Tousen, he only killed a few Gillians in Karakura and in TYBW too. Does he deserves to be a Captain? I dont think so

  9. I do think that Kensei deserves to be a captain as he is strong enough to one shot and almost kill Tokinada if it wasn't for Tokinada's zanpakuto. And Tokinada is relative in reiatsu compared to Byakuya and Yoruichi which was stated in CFYOW. But man, Kubo did Kensei so damn dirty in the manga.

  10. I'm glad it lands on the days where I don't have classes to worry about so I can bask in all the glory and cry my heart out upon the grand return. Ngl this is my most anticipated anime of the century.

  11. Bruh. I actually have exams going on rn and when I heard Bleach got leaked in the morning. I was so damn tempted to watch it.

  12. Well, it's not going to going away so do focus on your exams. If your exams are gonna last quite a long while, just try (easier said than done) to resist the temptation and wait a few weeks for a handful of episodes to come out, then watch them all at one go right after ur exams are over. I mean... that's what I'd do when my exams come.

  13. I have like 2 papers left so I just keep on telling myself that if I do well, I will feel accomplished when I watch the TYBW

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