1. that's not surprising, he also took apart that Jazz team.

  2. If games were realistic, we'd all have to do taxes, and wait in line at the DMV. And let's not forget the prostate exam level...

  3. Jungle Morde seems to have been a thing even before the changes

  4. Yeah he was my go to jungler whenever I got that role, it was never bad tbh at least in lower elos

  5. After reading "Deaths in Yellowstone", I no longer have any desire to visit this particular area. Sooo dangerous. People don't realize that if you stray off the designated paths you can die within minutes, simply by not realizing you might be around a hot spring. No thanks.

  6. ??? maybe don't stray off the designated path then? If potential danger causes you to lose desire to visit then is there anywhere that you want to go?

  7. FOB is my favorite band of all time so I'll never miss a show but I've never been to another concert where the performers were so clearly just there for a paycheck lol

  8. Yeah, tbh at the time I was super high on kanter so I was kinda bummed but it was definitely the right choice.

  9. T-Wolves just need to switch to the NFL, it all makes sense now!

  10. NBA in 100 years is gonna be like that with constant switching in and out, very exciting. Gobert was born in the wrong era!

  11. I always got annoyed by mods abusing their power

  12. Pinning a comment has got to be the most benign "abuse" possible. It's really not that big of a deal unless the comment is pushing an agenda or something.

  13. Yea it’s just a small thing so they dont see it as much but it is a superiority thing

  14. I mod a few subreddits and I've pinned a joke comment before but it's not like I think I'm superior to anyone in anyway lol, It's just for fun and not meant to be taken seriously. Obviously I can't speak for all mods but I'd say there's a pretty good chance that most aren't trying to be assholes, the mod in the OP is obnoxious for his response though.

  15. Utah sole possession of the #1 seed in the West!!

  16. As expected, hell I'm disappointed we've even lost games smh this team is underperforming.

  17. Me and my friends play an aram where everyone gets a designated target (whoever is across from you in the loading screen). Every time you kill your target, everyone else takes a drink, and anytime someone other than you kills your target, you take a drink. It's a good time

  18. I'm just really glad my fellow Jazz fans are cheering him on. Feels a lot better than when Hayward left in free agency. Both Donovan and Rudy handled a messy situation well and left with some dignity, and will probably always be liked by Jazz fans

  19. Hayward hurt in particular for two reasons. First off it took him several seasons as the primary option to crack 20 ppg, he went from a bench rider to barely hitting 20 ppg and as soon as he reached all star status he bolted for greener (lol) pastures. He wasn't phenomenal right off the bat like mitchell was so it felt like years of nurture and focus was stripped of us for nothing, it made it feel like a backstab in some ways.

  20. This sub is so weirdly aggressive. Y'all fuckin weirdos gotta go outside or get off your phone so much

  21. For real, I can only imagine the type of incel neckbeard to make comments like that lol, these dudes need to chill tf out.

  22. I'm sad he'll break out these screams on features but we haven't heard anything close to a scream on a fob song since folie a deux lol

  23. I have slight hope he’ll throw one somewhere in new music. Won’t be surprised if it don’t happen tho. I just want more screams from the guy lol

  24. What do you expect from the site that let jailbait stick around for years until CNN covered it. Insult a neo Nazi and you’re banned though, no incivility!

  25. I've freely insulted neo nazis for years and have never been banned. You're either mistaking subreddit bans as website bans or you're leaving something major out if you've actually received a reddit ban.

  26. I never looked forward to the Bloody Baron questline in general on my replays. Following the botchling around is one of the most tedious sequences in the game.

  27. On replays I haven't really looked forward to it but my first time playing the game it was definitely the quest that got me hooked.

  28. Iceberg, got a shredded rubber glove in a shake once. It's a pass for me now.

  29. It's like over the years iceberg polled customers on what their favorite menu options were and then discontinued the top answer at the end of each year.

  30. Sakana Sushi Bar in Jordan Landing. Just don’t. I love sushi, I will go back to pretty much any place that serves two or three decent rolls.

  31. What's wrong with it? I've been there once and I thought it was alright albeit way more expensive than it was worth. Overall I thought it was average at best... or is that the problem?

  32. Why did they wait until the person was that close to go?

  33. How is it avoidable and predictable? Crowds seem like one of the hardest things to control.

  34. It's predictable in that you know there's a risk as long as there's a large crowd. It's avoidable when you plan for a large crowd being in the area e.g. move obstacles, traffic the crowd, control movement.

  35. Bots copy original titles when reposting. You're not actually talking to anyone when you address the user, I don't think this belongs on this sub lol

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