1. This is what happens when you throw electronics with lithium batteries in the trash.

  2. Dems will put on a show like they don't want this to happen, then they will blame the Republicans while still accepting donations from the wealthy people who actually control the country . The middle class is dying in America, we're slowly losing everything and thinking we can vote our way out of it.

  3. Do you just play it safe and invest in small business with history before COVID so you can use that prior data?

  4. My buddy had a successful painting business that had so much business he took two months off work every year and still made good money. He ended up getting out of the business because he got too many clients and the work load turned into more management work then he wanted.

  5. My old mentor bought me a nice Kershaw knife to say thanks one time, I still have the knife and it means a lot to me.

  6. The saltwater people always use egg crate light covers for offices and stuff. The material is brittle but easy to work with and doesn't seem to break down in the water. It's a heck of a detritus trap though.

  7. That's sort of my concern is if you get this stuff it'll certainly boost up your rocks however you have a ton of nook and crannies for things to get trapped and make a big mess of things it would seem.

  8. I don't have experience with it but I think this will also form anaerobic denitrifying bacteria which then releases stinky and poisonous hydrogen sulfide (H2s)...but the bacteria can also lower Nitrate levels so it's tough to figure out what's best.

  9. You want to always be professional and put in a two weeks notice, don't burn down bridges. That being said, this statement from them already suggests they have a high turnover rate and you would be best looking somewhere else anyways. Or be a savage and ask about this crap in the interview and see why they have this policy.

  10. Nice work, Ive been procrastinating on doing this to my 75gal.

  11. I'd say do it, you'd def need to plan ahead and take a day to focus on it, that's what I did at least

  12. Did you do yours in stages or add all the new sand at once? I'm adding a coral based mix to a sand mix for cichlids, hopefully buffer my water a bit, I have a few fish that are over 20yrs old in this tank so I don't want to shock them. I'm thinking I should take all my gravel out, then add the sand in stages to let the water adjust slowly.

  13. Used to work for a car dealership that used the absolute cheapest bulk oil they could find, and then marketed oil changes with name brand synthetic blend oil.

  14. In Germany we spend 441B € yearly on healthcare. Aka 5298€ per person

  15. Your medical insurance is fantastic yes. Which is also easier with a small country. But your housing and gas is very expensive so you're not out of the woods there.

  16. You need to start with the States Attorney general and the state labor board. Document everything having those texts is a good start. You need solid proof to go after them.

  17. Ohio actually does a pretty good job managing timber resources. I spend a lot of time on public property and there are quite a few new-old growth trees around here. Timber has a large history in Ohio as a resource. Some of the best Oak in the world use to come from Ohio.

  18. I've always wondered what the terminus looked like. So use to seeing a sign on a mountain or a group of columns for a terminus.

  19. I'm looking forward to getting some miles on some trails that aren't the big three this year. I don't know how much of the Buckeye I'll do yet, but I'd like very much to experience more of America than ridgewalks.

  20. There is a lot to see on the Buckeye trail but it's a difficult trail to do big miles on since camping spots are hard to come by.

  21. Looks like another major US food manufacturer having serious fire and damage, thus reducing food production. Our food supply chain has been under attack and the government isn't reporting it very well. Something is going on. There are a few articles about it but nothing widespread. I have friends in Canada and they've been talking about it on Canadian news but not really in the US.

  22. Look out for the temp hire contracts. I know several people that worked for two years on a contract to hire and right when they were eligible for benefits they got laid off.

  23. I see people comment often to debunk the concern of ruining the seasoning but I’ve never seen anyone talk about flavor. I can’t soak my plastic travel coffee cups in soapy water because it ruins the flavor for months. I’m pretty sure those polymers are much less reactive than the polymerized oil in seasoning. I personally don’t want to take the chance of introducing off flavors to my food, especially since I don’t see significant benefits to washing cast iron with soap. I get my cast iron plenty clean without soap.

  24. Your plastic coffee mug is hygroscopic and it literally absorbs odors. Your cast iron is a dense metal that is not hygroscopic and cannot absorb flavors. You're comparing apples to oranges.

  25. Yeah, Andrew tate knows all the illuminati secrets and will let you into knowing what they dont want you to know! Jet fuel doesnt melt steel beams! /s of course

  26. You should read about the federal reserve if you want to know the real story behind this.

  27. I've never heard someone say they should taper SS, can you elaborate on this please?

  28. I wish it was as wide as it looks in the photo. I used a relatively wide-angle lens for this photo, so it tends to distort things on the periphery.

  29. I'm enamored with your work. I started hobby carpentry with all hand tools and moved to modern tools to speed production and quality up. You're working a real niche business, once you get established I imagine traveling for work will be very profitable as your skills are rare. Keep up the good work, as Mike Rowe says, (something like) "if you're passionate about your work, you'll be successful no matter what you do".

  30. You're gonna lose a finger. I tough you were a wood cutting CNC guy, this metal venture is looking questionable.

  31. I’ve been doing metal work for a lot longer than woodworking and cnc stuff.

  32. So you gonna put a VFD or anything on there to help with throttle control?

  33. Did you catch the generator (likely full of fuel) stored next to the stove?

  34. Yeah I recently learning this the hard way when cutting simple mechanics wire with the middle of the cutters, they're softer than they should be. My Free P2 needs new cutter jaws now too.

  35. It'd be nice if they offered replacements of different hardnesses

  36. I agree. But I still think they should be able to cut mild steel without deforming. I'm guessing these are sintered steel that isn't hardened. I saw the alloy type but it could still use some post processing, as far as I understand.

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