1. Quality material, thanks for posting! I'm getting ready to install a patio and this is the type of info that's not easy to come by when doing general research.

  2. I've had this conversation with the misses, it's a tough one to explain properly. I finally explained I have a phobia of getting stuck in the woods without a light, now shes accepting my flashlight problem....err, hobby.

  3. Military school I went to. After me, an adult is required to check the parade cannon to ensure it is clear, and closely monitor the students as they load it.

  4. I used to work on a Focus for a guy that was a horse farrier. He had an air compressor, full size anvil, small tool box and a mini kiln with propane tank for working horse shoes...out of the back of his Focus! It was impressive.

  5. Most charities are a scam. This is sick but it's not much different than many other charities. Look at Susan G Koman, everyone in Columbus loves to attend the pink walk every year, the ENTIRE event's profits are barely enough to pay for the CEOs salary. About 22 million dollars. Then take a nice look at how much money the Koman foundation spends suing anyone or anything that is pink and has a ribbon. It's madness.

  6. No not at all. The weak point I was trying to make was if there is something wrong with how charities are regulated and if there is something deeper going on in the big business/political spectrum that 'normal' people may not be aware of. For example, I think it's a normal/accepted tactic for the rich and powerful to abuse charities all while appearing like they're doing something positive. Psychopath behavior.

  7. If your friends are genuine and mature, ask them what they like about you, then ask them for feedback on what you can do better, you will learn a lot.

  8. Bucket trap or snap trap. The only ways. We have a rodent problem due to a neighborhood being built behind us and they've torn up all their habitat so they're moving into our yard and everywhere in the neighborhood. Seriously, bucket lid traps are cheap, you only need one and they WORK.

  9. I tried real hard with buckets and rollers but found they only work with mice, the rats are too big and smart for those.

  10. Rats are smart and hard to catch. I tried REALLY hard to catch a rat living under my back porch, for months, I never caught it with various traps. I eventually removed all it's food sources and kept filling in it's den and it finally left. I genuinely hate to say it (rats are really smart and neat animals) but you're probably going to need a lethal snap trap with good bait, don't underestimate rats.

  11. I think focusing on more exercise will have better results for depression. With depression you're already having dopamine problems. Exercise releases a ton of dopamine and the increased blood flow to the brain helps with studying and memory.

  12. This kind of crap is exactly how we end up with the same career politicians in office year after year. Don't just vote for a name on a pamphlet, do some real research and vote for someone that you think will make Ohio a better place to live.

  13. When you say heavy set, are you referring to the ratio of vermiculite to coir or whatever wood/fecal based substrate? I've still got a lot to learn...

  14. So before I say this and have another guru tell me I’m wrong this method only seems to work with a few of the South American varieties . I used heavy grade verm roughly 1 cup sprinkled and misted prior to initiating fruiting on the matted overlay in thoughts of allowing the mycelium to have something to grab to . Turns out this specific variety is found in the arenal volcanoes of Costa Rica. In order to achieve the extreme pin set I starved it of O2 just enough with no gas exchange during colonization of the basic bucket tek CVG PGT mix. Only thing different I do is shred the 650 g blocks before dropping boiling water on them so nothing survives in the center of the blocks during pasteurization. I don’t use manure at the moment or spaghnum . Willy myco and pgt are the gods of simplicity cultivation on YouTube.

  15. Great explanation, I appreciate your time and detailed info!

  16. Here’s a cool tip to kill an innocent animal. You douche!

  17. You sound like you've never been to an airport. When you travel, your race doesn't matter, you're equally as likely to get treated like shit. I am fortunate enough to earn a job that requires travel. If you're an American, you'll get treated like shit when you travel, stop your race baiting bullshit.

  18. A Prusa is a worth while investment if you want to print quality parts and maintain a functional printer. A Creality printer will be good but you won't get support and if the printer breaks, good luck on you finding parts because Creality won't support you.

  19. Anyone with firearm knowledge knows that article is written to make a minor situation seem much worse. Fuck off with your bullshit fear mongering to gain more gun control bullshit.

  20. Anyone who uses this stupid ass text to speech trash in videos deserves the worst. So annoying and horrible.

  21. I think it's TikTok cross over trying to make a profit off other social media venues.

  22. I got a sweet lightweight grid fleece hoodie from Eddie Bauer, definitely check them out. I got it on sale for a steal, it's my favorite active wear hoodie.

  23. I do like Eddie Bauer, unfortunately where I live I’m a lot closer to an REI. There aren’t a ton of options for outdoor gear in my area and we only just recently got an REI.

  24. I live 3 miles from an REI and I still find massively better deals through companies like Eddie Bauer occasionally. I wouldn't recommend them if I wasn't blown away by the hoodie I got. My point is, it's worth a shot.

  25. We do what we call a critter line, like a bear hang but between two trees and only 6 foot off the ground. Haven't had a problem after years of backpacking. Last time my dad said this was unnecessary, he was the only one with chipmunk holes in his tent.

  26. I always smell rotten eggs in my car after heavy acceleration, like going onto the highway. I’ve always just ignored it as it goes away after a few seconds, but this has been going on for at least a year.. I’m really hoping it’s not the same issue.

  27. That sulfur smell is from unburnt gas from the engine burning off in the catalytic converter, you're fine. When at heavy engine loads most manufacturers add more gas than necessary to help cool the pistons and valve train and avoid engine damage.

  28. I have the lanshan 2p which I think is the same length. I'm 6ft and it's not long enough for me. If it rains or you get frost your feet will get wet and your head will get wet too, even if you guy it out really well.

  29. Can you anneal it? In theory it would lay flat after annealing wouldn't it?

  30. If your apprentice did this you're just as guilty as he is. Train him properly and this crap won't happen.

  31. Thanks dad. An apprentice has never made a mistake on your watch? Shit happens

  32. I've definitely had an apprentice make a mistake but I didn't post it on Reddit for the world to see. Damn it I am getting old, turning into a grumpy old man. Sorry about my tone.

  33. Eat well: yes. Wet outside: no, but moist (~100% RH around dawn according to Govee; Quilt looked unaffected by humidity but maybe lost some warmth due to this). Did not use straps as I lay quite still on my back and have not felt drafts.

  34. I have two Outdoor Vitals quilts and they're great. Warm and a good value. The zero degree quilt is warm in my experience.

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