1. Have you got a link to the IGN map? I've been putting off getting the last collectibles for a few weeks now, literally the last thing I've got to get for the plat.

  2. Sad as fuck that so many people are willing to shell out real money for some “meta” advantage.

  3. Frank West was just a journalist. And was designed to be an ugly, average looking dude.

  4. Wait until you get to the end game. I would literally fistfight Lyric and Shimazu, condescending pricks with their rubberbanding.

  5. God, you’d have gotten the piss ripped out of you for that on my old block. He’ll be “PC Furry” or something by the end of the day.

  6. There’s a blue line that runs across it. This represents the filling in a cake and is there to demonstrate how the police love cake.

  7. Can’t see a blue line on his one, in all fairness. I used to wear one on my vest that was just the blacked out Union Jack as well, was a gift from a friend when I passed out of training.

  8. Man, it’s a damn shame, because it’s such a cool looking chopper. I remember finding one in Mercenaries on PS2 and thinking it was amazing, being even more impressed when it turned out to be real.

  9. I’ve said it before, but Alonso & Stroll is gonna be wild. I fully expect Nando to either punch or curse Lance out at some point before the halfway mark of the season.

  10. Definitely weird as shit. I also how they made his car the best of the AI ones in the S+ class. I like the 190E, but having this fucking boat of a sedan out-pull and out-corner supercars is wild.

  11. I feel like “All Wheels Wrestling” is a good vibe. Especially for “FUCK, DUBAIIIIIIIIII!”

  12. Golf prices are fucking insane now. Nowhere near what some of these dumbasses try and charge.

  13. Bro, the OG Rainmaker look did Okada so dirty. The bad haircut, bleached eyebrows etc, he looked awful.

  14. Don't forget the Rainmaker being a sitout lariat which looked awful.

  15. Yeah, I always figured that was a botch, with how shitty the rest of the match was.

  16. Probably not a great choice, especially at that price. As a first car, you’re better off getting something a bit junk-y, that you won’t mind pranging or scratching.

  17. Yeah I was thinking the same thing and it has no airbag wich I also don’t like I think a little civic or something is the move

  18. In all fairness, a lot of early NA’s didn’t have airbags. Mine’s a 1990, doesn’t have an airbag, but has a cool Momo wheel.

  19. disappointing they didnt include the ability to completely turn off the effects but cloaked makes them barely noticeable except for tire smoke. after 30+ hours in the game I honestly barely notice it

  20. Yeah, the cloaked ones are barely noticeable. And I kinda like the light trails TBH.

  21. Honestly, considering some of his past tweets, it’s nice to see such a measured take from Pillman.

  22. Does this thing actually exist? My Ferrari hatch knowledge only starts at the FF really but would love to get more info.

  23. Aye, custom job for the Sultan of Brunei. Supposedly he asked, and they said “Sure, but only if you buy 7 at £1.5 mil a pop”.

  24. Sounds familiar. Was that on a DList or a Past Gas episode? While I don't agree with people having those levels of money in general, I fully support building this beautiful monster.

  25. Can’t remember TBH. I remember them covering his custom Bentleys etc, but this is the first I’ve seen of the Ferrari. Dude probably has shit we don’t even know about/will never see.

  26. Nah. I’m more surprised than anything TBH, I get nothing but markers with Claymores. Proximity mines though? Always do the job.

  27. Half the time I use claymores more like ghetto UAV to watch my back

  28. Ha, I’ve been doing something similar in DMZ when I’m levelling snipers on the AI. They have an uncanny tendency to flank me silently, so the mine acts as a “time to move” alarm.

  29. Posting a screenshot of your own tweet is a little…weird.

  30. Each to their own, but Evos (and Impreza WRX) look so weird without wings.

  31. Ah, 416 was my favourite in BF3 & 4, can’t wait for it.

  32. Yeah it's getting pretty old killing people by bullet spraying their feet.

  33. Completely agree on the AP rounds. Even if there’s a slightly reduction on damage through the shield, we’d see a massive drop off in them.

  34. It would be a touch difficult to do but I feel that AP rounds should pierce RS's.

  35. I like that idea! Could argue on the back, there’s no distance between their body and the shield whereas holding it, it’s further away.

  36. They certainly threw up a lot of red flags. Almost no gameplay in the trailers, and no early copies for critics. It seems like EA didn't have much confidence in this game. But after ~4 hours with it, my early impression is that it's the best NFS since 2005.

  37. Yeah, it was a “no buy” from me until I saw some leaked gameplay pre-release. Weird how they just seemed to give minimal effort into marketing it.

  38. The hellcat is garbage in s+, it has poor acceleration and it's very heavy in the corners. I'm Using the gtr from qualifier 3 in S+ and it's working out great so far

  39. Yeah, realising that more and more. I’ll have to see if I can sell it and bump up the GTR later.

  40. Didn't know 12 year olds could afford R8's.

  41. Yeah, I could see some enterprising Bobby giving the driver a litany of tickets for that. Just tried checking it on the DVLA site, doesn’t seem to exist, so I wonder if it’s been modified.

  42. What did you check? I just checked the MOT history and it comes up.

  43. I tried “U A11 GAY”, figured it has to have numbers somewhere.

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