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  1. I have an expedition and love it. Brand new this year.

  2. Agree i think your slamming the trigger and maybe a bit peeking which leads to high shots.

  3. Hey bud, me again. Scrolled back in my posts to check in. Any deer pics like you claim?

  4. I bought an expedition and love it. I got about $600 bucks into it.

  5. Yes. Its definitely a few days old though. Find the ones that are in the real thick areas. The ones in the open like areas are probably made at night.

  6. Oh yea thats a buck lol. And its nighttime with another deer lol. Check the winds and compare them to sny other pics you have in the area

  7. Being super basic, stick to all the thick transitions (edges). This will be most likley be where most bedding will be. 1/3 the way up will be the best starting point in hill country. In flat areas Stay close to wet nasty thick edges.

  8. Yes but its a super long wait probably need to wait 6-8 hours

  9. Good luck man. I missed an old slick head last night. That dam branch did me in.

  10. One of the best games i played

  11. I will definitely load it up and try it then. Is it open world ? Id there quests?

  12. Yes Open world with a lot of quests you will definitely love the game specially the story itself

  13. Ok thnks bro I’ll definitely start messing with it. Ive been playing the old original morrowing game and i forgot there is so many unfixable glitches with that game it makes it very difficult to complete quests.

  14. Your setup scares the shit out of me. I'm a double ladder stand dude. I don't stand in it. Lol, Im kinda scared of heights

  15. Im tethred to the tree from my saddle. Always tied in somehow

  16. I'm just terrified of small stands. I'm a wimp, I could have 4 lifelines on me, I wouldn't crawl up there. Seriously scared of heights

  17. No man i get it. I stick to ground hunting during gun season. I never seen an advantage where i hunt at to be elevated with a gun. Im honestly going to try some ground bow hunting this year. I hear its super fun. Ive been using a stand and sticks since mid 90’s.

  18. Lol well Frank seems like a well rounded community hero. Most likely the local go to call me for a cheap good time.whatever you need to get yourself into euphoria. He seem to have had great upbringing and an excellent english dialect. Parent I’m sure are so proud of the great community servant (mandatory) their son has evolved into. Im sure the young lady’s parents are also super excited for the wedding date at the next trailer park chapel. Maybe they can use the poor dogs hide for a matrimony piece of the past. These people are just unreal. Lol

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