1. My guy summed up Lego Batman in one comment

  2. Marvel: I miss the part where that's my problem

  3. Marvel: Looked at little Comment boy junior gonna cry?

  4. Eastman has been pretty quiet since this dropped

  5. I... I- there's nothing. Nothing. Nothing I can add that will somehow add to this jerk. It's just there. The ultimate jerk, without any of us needing to lift a finger.

  6. Frank Miller trying to not sexualize women (impossible)

  7. Not sure if this is a hot take but i dont really like Rat King's design

  8. His design might not be the best but the way they handled the character is just amazing. Dude is a super important character here.

  9. Well thats good to hear, i gotta be honest i just start reading the IDW run and randomly saw Rat King's design and i wanted to give my opinion about it

  10. I mean his whole personality before N52 was "I'm going to fucking destroy these teenagers' whole lives. Why because I'm petty"

  11. Slade is pretty much that old guy that hates teenagers but to a whole other level

  12. I see that Frank Miller’s name is tagged on it. Was it made before Frank Miller became a terrible writer?

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