1. I fucking hate how as soon as I get gains like what I’m looking for, the SEC always does this. Gensler must have something against me

  2. Idk, it seems pretty world shifting. Is the public ready?

  3. NO. The public is not ready. If I’m being honest? I feel a very personal, intimate excitement about this. But, in all honesty? No. I have no reason to believe the public is ready or will respond well, mostly because of the other implications that will come as more information is unearthed.

  4. I’m starting to get a bit scared of all the implications. How do you cope?

  5. In all honesty? I’m not Christian. I’m not going to pretend I have the best understanding of everything I’ve ever learned (nor will I share where I learned what I learned), but in all honesty? I think non-religious people will have the easiest time. I also think people who aren’t too invested in any status quos will be fine too.

  6. Just caught this - 30 minutes old. Still reeling. I HOPE this finally blows this wide open. His credentials are verified, and it is confirmed that he has indeed handed over classified documents to the inspector general, whom have declared them credible.

  7. I have strong reasons to believe the lack of disclosure factors a lot in that we don’t know publicly about it. I’m interested to see what becomes of everything.

  8. Fuck the haters talking down on this, a San Garrett enemy? I love it! Go deep into the lore 😤

  9. I doubt the majority of these people know anything about anything involving muscles or movement

  10. Look at the bull standing over him daring someone to come get him. Everyone there made a choice to be there except for the bull…..

  11. I have a lot of near misses. Me and my dad. I’m one of those guys who’s near a lot of people, some of them in the industry and working. But my big break ain’t here yet. I have to film more stuff and get back to it.

  12. I am definitely the bottom half. I tried so hard to get in and all attempts just fell flat for me so far

  13. "Arning wasn't supposed to be at the party and hadn't put "one penny" into it. "

  14. Why does this tell us so much with so little? Angry, not paying for anything, kind of young… is it me, or is this guy kind of visible?

  15. Unironically this reminds me that I've conceptualised a comedy cartoon with Shazam as a protagonist, not only he's explicitly much more powerful than others heroes (thought in this cartoon the idea of "being physically more powerful than your opponent will solve everything" is deconstructed constantly) but there's an Halloween special who parodies these kind of stories, basically is supposed to be a fictional story in universe that's badly written on purpose (it have stuff like character acting like complete assholes for no reason, blatant favouritism and so on)

  16. I'm so sorry for being so late! I wanted to answer this comment sooner but like a stupid girl I am I forgot to do it!

  17. Hard agree. There’s a ton of media and activities and music and foods I’m just not personally into but I can get why they’re appealing to a LOT of other people. It doesn’t make the thing shallow or bad or stupid because I don’t like it, nor does it make other people shallow or bad or stupid for liking it. There are definitely things I think are indeed just bad writing or what have you, but I’m aware that’s not the same thing as “just not personally for me” and the same is true of fictional characters, especially since there’s such a wide range of character types for a wide range of viewers/readers.

  18. Exactly. Sometimes we aren’t the intended audience for a product. But, quite often it’s easy to see who the intended audience is

  19. Happy Feet was basically about penguins fucking. That was made very clear.

  20. Hawkman & Fate were great castings.. the dialogue, tho?

  21. Worst part is that it’s implied. Both Fate and Hawkman have ties to Egypt that would explain how they knew so much about Black Adam

  22. I hope they merge the Stargirl roster with this one to build the bigger team it would be pretty cool to see the Stargirl cast get soft rebooted into the DCU as the series was nicely self contained and could slot in nicely.

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