My girlfriend made this awesome table and surprised me with it today!

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  1. I have him and chimaera in my build with greater poly instead of the bug one. Pretty fun dropping both.

  2. I play armed dragon infinite negates. No dpe/verte, no maxx c, no halq/auroradon, no floodgates, no bullshit. It’s the Chazz way.

  3. did it first try with floatstep, whats hard about this?

  4. you have to unlock the gray awakening cores first but you need enough of the right materials, after that it’s just normal soul boosting but with zenkai souls

  5. And the 6 other beach ones weren’t good enough?

  6. Let people enjoy things you guys know they do some every year so 🤷🏿‍♂️

  7. Theses AD are pung food, I usually go with this AO :

  8. Rikka and witchcrafters got they own boss monsters just saying all the engines everyone puts in their decks these days just make the game less creative

  9. I play pure thunder dragons and I WISH colossus was as broken people make him up to be, i make colossus+buster lock and it doesnt matter 99% of the games, people always have a kaiju or imperm. The only part of colossus that is problematic is that you can splash him, but NO ONE in the current meta does this.

  10. Saddens me to see zexal so low show and xyz summoning were top tier

  11. Both political parties treat the country like high school and don’t really fix any issues at hand there’s no point of them being there

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