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  1. There’s a reason people with lots of money have lots of money 😏

  2. The reason a lot of people with lots of money have it is that their parents had lots of money.

  3. There’s tons of research on ghrelin(body’s hunger regulator) that suggest otherwise.

  4. I'm not saying that hunger doesn't play a role in some otherwise reasonable people being unreasonable. I'm saying that some people use hunger as their excuse du jour for being assholes.

  5. I just want to start calling people Sanch now. Just has a good ring to it

  6. FYI--Some people call me that because they know me from the multiple times I played Sancho Panza in Man of La Mancha. Great roles, great shows, great times; too old for that part now.

  7. Your part, weaponizing company policy to get Kelly out of your and Kat's hair, I get.

  8. This is pure speculation on my part, but IMO Kelly was trying to get Kat fired so that Kat would break up with her bf and run back to Mom. Kelly would then play the "I tried to help her but..." card while actually being the one who made it happen. She got a little too cute in trying to have Op be the bad person.

  9. The she-wolfpack. Starts in middle school. Girls who hang in packs, deciding who to admit to their "cool kid club". Morphs into driving wedges between any of the pack and anyone to whom they might become attracted and/or involved with. Social status depends on pack membership, and getting involved with anyone not approved by the pack could lead to loss of pack membership.

  10. "You may be right, you may be crazy."--to paraphrase Billy Joel

  11. I worked part time at a hotel MANY years ago. I used to feel kind of sorry for the hotel manager, always squeezed between the franchisor, the corporation that owned the hotel, and the clientele. He had our back as much as was humanly possible, but finally reached this point. The phrase "I'm out of fucks to give" came up a lot that week.

  12. Please update AFTER the wedding and after the honeymoon (if any).

  13. This. Text, e-mail with bcc's for parents and siblings so they're aware, call and record. Have hired security, provided with their names and pictures.

  14. Better yet, work at MSNBC. It seems to pay a lot of money, and almost nobody notices if you screw up because almost nobody watches.

  15. A used-to-be-superficially-attractive woman I know said that to me once. My reply was, "I've heard that about your husband, too."

  16. I have observed over the years that the simple act of attending a church service tends to turn many people into assholes. I've seen people hold up traffic on major arteries by standing in the middle of the street in a crosswalk and chatting (I've seen that happen A LOT, and in a lot of different places). People going to restaurants after church are the WORST tippers. I lived across a one-way street from a large church in Philly, and those sons of bitches would block the entrance to the street for several hours on Sundays with cars dropping people off and picking them up.

  17. Obviously, you never saw how four of the leading Jewish congregations in my city used to fight about starting and ending times for High Holiday services. The four (three Reform, one Conservative) all wanted what they wanted and wanted the other three to not have anything beginning or ending at the times they wanted. Every damned year was another epic fight, including bribes paid to the city council and police of the suburb where this went on.

  18. Tell him, "You know what? I think I'll put off moving in with you until you put as high a priority on it as I do, and when you're willing to do your share of the work."

  19. Me and my college friends would all get together Thursday nights for "Pizza and Blues" night. We'd order a half dozen pizzas and watch Hill Street Blues, and later, Miami Vice too.

  20. Mid-70's in college--Half of our dorm floor would crowd into one room to watch all or at least the last ten minutes of Hawaii Five-O (the original, not the shitty remake). Just to recite in unison with Jack Lord, "Book 'im, Danno". It really pissed us off if he didn't say it that week.

  21. One good thing that NJ has is the northwestern part of the state, quite pretty. Few people, lots of forests.

  22. First child is in the NICU. We heard the cafe would be serving turkey but it was closed so we had a bagel instead.

  23. You had bagels? Two years ago, when I had to take my mother to the ER on Thanksgiving (I arrived to pick her up, and she was incoherent), my Thanksgiving dinner wound up being White Castle at 11 PM.

  24. Get some space between the gun carrier and myself, get behind a car, hit the deck, call 911, flatten myself on the ground but keep the gun carrier in sight. Don't panic (easy to say, I know), calmly tell the 911 operator where you are and what's happening. Know where your towel is.

  25. Tell your partner and his attorney, "This is my house and I am not giving this psycho a floor plan to it. This is non-negotiable. Tell the b***h and her attorney to either negotiate without this information, or you'll see her in court and let the judge sort it out."

  26. "Look, Debbie Downer, we live in an imperfect world. We all know it and don't need to hear about it. Let's focus on satisfying our customers and making the world a less imperfect place. I'm your co-worker, not your boss, and I can't do jack about your complaints, so I suggest you complain to the person who can change things and not hit me with your negativity all the fucking time."

  27. When I worked night audit I had a mid shift person tell me once, "You have it easy. You don't really do anything all night."

  28. I did night audit back in the mid- to late 70's, and I had "day people" say the same thing to me. My response was usually along the lines of, "I've done your job and mine, and I prefer mine. You couldn't do what 'graveyard' does or put up with the occasional but serious shit we get."

  29. Taft was also the only president to get stuck in the White House bathtub lol

  30. Sometimes you just have to explain things to people in single syllable words that they understand so that they don't realize they were born stupid with no chance of ever getting any smarter until after they get home and are sitting on the couch. It also helps to have pre-printed documentation of product specifications like your cook times and such. Having printed docs can really send it home, up the ying-yang if need be, to those that are dense and/or unclear on the concepts.

  31. It's in a totally unrelated field, but one phrase it appears I'm known for is, "I'm going to explain this simple concept to you in words of one syllable or less..."

  32. I'm the same way. Depending on which pizza place, I'll order pepperoni and cheese, or sausage and cheese. If I'm having a flashback to a long-ago job, I'll have sausage and anchovy and cheese.

  33. I was just in the US and vast majority of retailers now finally accept NFC ("tap and go") which also means Apple Pay/Google Pay/etc. I think I only had to insert once and swiping seems finally gone. I guess this was brought about by Covid since it means the clerk doesn't have to touch your card anymore. But I think full service restaurants have been a bit behind retailers.

  34. Put the card in the chip reader. Doesn't register, machine says to swipe the card. Swipe the card, machine says you must insert in the chip reader. This could be an infinite loop, except that I don't want to go on that ride, so I carry multiple cards.

  35. I feel like the US is the epitome of "this is why we can't have nice things". Basically always someone trying to game the system. It's gross

  36. I have two clients that run "adult bookstores" (well run small businesses, very professionally run, clean and bright). Every once in a while, someone's SO finds a receipt from the stores, goes ballistic, and starts a chain of events that leads to a chargeback. The signature is how the store fights back--"Look, here's his signature, how can he say he was never there and didn't buy anything?"

  37. It went very well, thanks. I had the prix fixe turkey dinner, Mom and her friend had things from the (limited) regular menu, and everything was delicious. The restaurant was surprisingly busy, mostly older couples and a few families that probably didn't want to go through all the tumult of a "traditional Thanksgiving".

  38. Ultimately, yes. The manager puts out an annual schedule. It is immediately open for change. You can ask, "Hey, my sister is getting married in June. Can you schedule Steve for the third week instead of me?

  39. The problem is with employees who can't find someone to cover for them, then call in "sick" on (imagine this!) the very day of the event for which they wanted off. Enough people do that enough times, and management will say, "F**k it, we set up a fair system and you apes threw it away."

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