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  1. Wasn't there a meme a while back? Where a character is shown and everyone jokes that they can't see him or her?

  2. It was funny at the time, when Pokemon Black and White was released, there was an "Pokemon Rights Group" in-game, called Team Plasma.

  3. Well have you seen their Pokemon "game"? They act like Pokemon are slaves. Which if they touched any of the games or saw the show. They would realize it's untrue. But that requires more work than Peta wants to do

  4. Yeah, I mean, Pokemon are only caught because they "chose" to be caught after seeing/respecting the trainer's strength. The whole "caught against their will, and forced to fight against their will" accusations are so ridiculous.

  5. Prinny vibes. Especially with the caption, lol.

  6. Before ACNH was released, one user posted memes, photoshopping Roald into other videogames, one a day until release.

  7. I remember an episode of Black Mirror, where two women did a procedure where they had their minds uploaded into a virtual reality simulation, and basically lived in paradise for all eternity (and they fell in love)

  8. If only ACNH took that one little bit more from Stardew Valley.

  9. Haha xD I mean I'm in my mid 20s now, actually I don't need marriage in those kind of games anymore to be honest and I can see now why it would be weird to marry a wolf or cat or rabbit 😅

  10. And using the "Anthro Characters Continued" mod that makes all the Stardew characters anthropomorphic animals (except for the player, which requires a different mod, which doesn't work since one of the later updates and no-one got around to fixing it)

  11. Do you want to collect them yourself or if someone has duplicate would you accept?

  12. To collect myself thanks, I'm the kind of person who thinks "If I don't go all the way, what's the point"?

  13. I assumed you’d prefer to get them yourself, but figured I’d offer! I’ve thought about setting the same goal now that I have all of the ones from villagers currently on my island, best of luck!

  14. The profit I get from it, would be so small that the six Paperkite Butterflys I catch while digging the flowers up (Flick is in town) would be double whatever I make from the blooms.

  15. It’s not really lost income if you spend the time you would’ve spent picking flowers on something more profitable, like those butterflies. Time is finite too. Doing 2x the work for only 1/3 more profit just doesn’t make sense to me. But to each their own!

  16. This is why the animals should wear pants, smh, they did it to themselves.

  17. Because they're actually just depressed and we're shaming them by calling them lazy

  18. Out of all the things lazy villagers are "Out of shape, slobby, sloppy, not very intelligent, manchildren." Lazy is the least offensive term out of all of those lol.

  19. Yeah, New Horzions is so good with QOL, it's impossible to go back to the old ones.

  20. I want this music in a playlist. Do you know what its called?

  21. In Skyrim I literally learned a few days ago, that you can use your Fus-Ro-Dah power to literally shout fish out of the water.

  22. The one where they lose their mouths as they get older and literally starve to death?

  23. You know, at least the Monster's Inc franchise, with two movies, a few shorts, a Disney+ spinoff and a world in Kingdom Hearts 3...

  24. honestly forgot about that movie, haven’t watched that movies in years and when i mean years i mean when i was like a small kid. sadly you’re right it almost is forgotten.

  25. The shining light is that Tyler is then accepted into their friend group when he's his true self at the concert! Which is such a brilliant revelation to make at a young age.

  26. My best friend used to invite me to her island so we could get out our nets and knock the shit outta Raymond before he finally left her island.

  27. It's really weird that one of the most common themes in the elder scrolls franchise is racism.

  28. It comes with the territory of living in a medieval setting or "The Dung Ages" as some people call it.

  29. But how do you know they're the same race? They're all using the same sprites regardless of what region you're in.

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