1. How would you know what number to call if there was no sticker. Only in FL

  2. It’s like this. Your neighbor borrows your lawnmower and says he’ll return it at a later date. He immediately sells it to the guy across the street for $30. When you ask for your lawn mower back, he goes to the store to buy a new one at a cheaper price. There is a sign that advertises that exact lawnmower for $6. The only problem is there is nothing but empty boxes on the shelf. In order to get a lawnmower to return it to you, he has to find someone with an actual lawnmower. The person with an actual lawnmower can name their price because there are no lawnmowers available to buy in any store. He will be forced to pay that price because it’s the only way to get a lawnmower to give it back to you. This is where direct registering your shares comes in. Those people are the only ones who know for sure they have real lawnmowers and not empty boxes.

  3. Was the old CEO a Boston Consulting Group plant? I need to look more into that.

  4. He was previously with Target. Interestingly, someone posted a picture here from (I believe) Patty Wu twitter account showing Patty, Sue, and a Target exec in a baby store. Why is sue and patty in a baby store with a Target exec? What was triton really trying to do?

  5. I’m wishing I could up my risk tolerance and throw some more in from my savings. Planning to buy a house soon so I’ll probably need that money before we lift off.

  6. I like to live dangerously 🤣 but seriously crime in my neighborhood has gone waaaay up in the last year so we are trying to get out. Thankfully the prices have started to drop in the area I’m looking.

  7. It has been 2000+years, so it's time that Jesus will come bullish!

  8. It stated he couldn’t acquire bbby if he owned shares plain as day on paper so he sold to acquire bbby. Maybe the $80 calls were to signify the pump to $80 or higher by January

  9. Only reason to remain short here is to protect your initial short position. If you’re long, you’re sitting very comfortably now.

  10. I think if you are short you are sitting comfortably right here and should try to close some- otherwise, what the hell are you waiting for? $4? Cuz $1 ain’t happening

  11. They just hired Kirkland. An MnA isnt happening for at least another 6 months.

  12. I’m not sure why you are getting downvotes. I believe this is accurate and a Q3 event. Would not hold up Q2 filings 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Weren't they getting like bogus lawsuits from random Chinese lawyers? Wouldn't that be a reason for the delay?

  14. I grew up in NJ- spent a lot of time in NYC and 5 years in SoCal. I can tell you first hand, there is no place like Texas

  15. I’m sorry OP but this is probably the unsmartest thing I’ve seen in this sub to date. I promise I’m not a shill- this is just full on retarded.

  16. In all seriousness it will be hard for many of those kids. Their parents don’t have support systems, and by extension these kids definitely won’t.

  17. Woah woah woah this is a political sanctuary sir. Keep it in world news

  18. Judging by how he holds the microphone, he has one of those limp hand shakes. Never trust a man with a limp hand shake

  19. If only Herschel Walker, Joe Dirt, Napoleon Dynamite and Ace Ventura were available, we'd have the most qualified negotiating team in history.

  20. I didn't get fired; I quit at 5PM effective the next day. :-) And you're talking about revenge being a dish served cryogenically cold. As I've also mentioned, my weasel boss bailed at the end of 2021 anyway.

  21. That’s aa’s reward from the shf for doing what he’s told. I hold no popcorn. It’s not good for your digestive tract

  22. 90% of people sell at a loss the day before shit rockets past the moon. #DiamondHands

  23. Don’t expect nice numbers. They terribly underperform on the regular - strategic updates is what I’m hoping for. The money will follow

  24. No clue here on what they actually did BUT, if baby was loaded up with inventory in anticipation of supply chain issues (like many companies were/are) and then inflation happened- the question is did they raise msrp along with inflation all while selling thru an inventory acquired at a pre inflation cost (think “average buying costs”). If so, then we could be in for a surprise bump in margin. Hopeful but possible.

  25. There is no Decorist turn-around plan. It shut down. It's over. It's ceasing operations. Where are you getting this "turn-around plan" from?

  26. ZCS says:

    Yes I believe this is just a service to connect contractors with customers to encourage them to purchase $BBBY products to decorate their homes. It looks like the service was quite popular considering they were backed up for 6-8 weeks.

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