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  1. Notre Dame 45, UNC 32, That Referee Crew 17

  2. 17?! That was a shutout against the refs. If anything, they played so bad both teams should be awarded an extra safety's worth of points (maybe two or three for the Tar Heels).

  3. Bob Wischusen could not accept ANY criticism of the refs. He fought with Dan Orlovsky over each and every atrocious call. Have you guys ever been trying to check a married couple out at the register, and they spend the whole time fighting? Same thing.

  4. Garbage time makeup calls don't really help.

  5. Yeah, if there's one thing the Irish and Tar Heels can agree on, it's that these refs are hot trash.

  6. Most of the yards are on from like 3 or 4 plays, it's ridiculous.

  7. I just heard UNC has three passes that combine for 150 yds.

  8. I really doubt he will. Milk Boy here clapped for... "shudders"

  9. Ahh, c'mon, he's a middle schooler. If people extrapolated how your life or mine would turn out based on how we acted at age 12, their expectations would be pretty low.

  10. Ooh, I like it! The buffalo head on the disc is cool, and I love the simplicity of the feathers.

  11. As a Colorado resident, this flag is God dam horrible.

  12. That's the exonym for the country. When speaking their native tounge, the zombies call it "Bhrrrgrah". And to think people call FRENCH a beautiful language!

  13. I'm so sick of this tweet, and copies of it, being reposted here. There's a thought for you, OP.

  14. George Lucas always saw Star Wars as a canvas on which to tell different stories, so this is good to read. If these big studios don't take risks and try new things with their billion-dollar franchises, they'll risk them becoming stagnant and unprofitable.

  15. Ok, I understand now. I would have called that stopped recognising that status as real for certian purposes, rather than revoking it. But we're here for how all that relates to flags, and I'm still doubtful that flag choices like this are linked to that sort of international recognition of autonomy - I don't think it's been an issue in any other international contexts where HK acts as a separate entity. Feels more likely linked to the company's own view of the flag and/or concerns about HKers themselves relate to the different possible flags in recent times.

  16. Yeah, that's fair. And I don't think most people outside of China/Hong Kong would object to one flag or the other being used.

  17. Yeah, that sounded like I was talking about an existing rule. I should have phrased that better.

  18. I think insert top player is bad to ask about MU spreads because insert top player constantly changes their opinion based on recent performances

  19. I've always thought Leffen was the quintessential Melee player when it comes to matchups, strategy, and tier lists.

  20. For me its not Rosario but how she's directed. Like I get they're going for "Gandalf Ahsoka the White" but at the same time, the total calm/serene/mysterious demeanor feels super out of place for the Ahsoka that everyone knows and loves.

  21. What I mean is that for example Obi Wan in the clone wars is voiced by the same person that voiced him in the movies. As far as I know Ewan McGregor doesn’t voice Obi Wan in the clone wars. Jumping from Clone wars season 7 to episode 3 you would hear practically no difference.

  22. That's actually an awesome benefit for people watching the dubbed versions. Anakin has, in my opinion, always felt like two different people between the movies and The Clone Wars (though not the movies and Clone Wars, i.e. the Tartakovsky series). I think this is mostly because of the dialogue and character interactions, not necessarily the difference in actors. But I'd wager having the same voice for both versions would help bridge that gap.

  23. August, I'm curious why you chose to tackle Duluth. This is close to their current flag, which is pretty new. Did someone request it?

  24. Because there's a lot of issues with it. Frankly, and with apologies for the bluntness, it's bad.

  25. This looks like a specialized pokéball. Maybe the "Beach Ball", or something.

  26. Weird you'd choose that meme, considering Michael bought that mug himself and was a terrible boss.

  27. The Onion made an infographic at the time explaining the elements of the flag.

  28. I came across this on a list of Dutch flags, and thought it was brilliant. The "

  29. The only evidence I can find of that being a word at all is

  30. I was probably thinking of oblique, but it turns out the word I was looking for (i.e. a synonym for "oval-shaped") was "ovoid". If something is "egg-shaped" (where one side is more tapered than the other), then it's "ovate".

  31. What do you mean by "unofficial"? Is it popular there?

  32. Smart! If you're from Bismarck, I'd say pursue it. If not, maybe just send out a feeler email to the mayor's office and city council. Smarter people than me would probably prepare a presentation and/or do something to ensure they can't just rip off your idea without giving credit, but if you don't care that much, what's the worst they could do? Say no?

  33. The design is interesting and cool-looking, but I think the fact that the stars are touching the frame is

  34. I second this. Shrink them, and get them closer together, and closer to the center of the last purple bar.

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