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  1. No. So far, the only weddings I've attended were family. Children are usually included.

  2. It's the horse-drawn carriage scene for me. It's comforting with the snow falling in the background.

  3. Are these people students? How are they allowed on campus?

  4. Free speech. Not sure if he was a student. Can’t believe administration let him and his van on campus.

  5. Well, fuck free speech on private property. Is this a private school? Even if it’s public, not all areas of public universities are considered “common” areas. And even if he’s in a common area, many times these protests require advanced notice or a permit. Call campus police. He’s parking on campus, got a parking permit? Blocking a fire hydrant? Loading zone? Pedestrian crossing? There may be ways to make him move.

  6. Some asexuals find kissing weird and gross. Personally I'm pretty neutral on it.

  7. I don’t mind kissing scenes. It’s the sex scenes I don’t care for.

  8. I started watching in 2016. I had withdrawn from classes due to depression and medical issues. I had nothing to do so GG became my comfort show.

  9. This seems fine to me. Mom and baby are sleeping and dad is taking that into consideration.

  10. Sometimes I feel like people on this sub have the most idealistic, unrealistic vision of relationships in their heads

  11. Right? If the wife had been awake and sleep deprived while taking care of the baby then it would be different.

  12. I don't remember exactly how old I was, but I started watching it alone. Now, it's part of my Sunday routine.

  13. I’m so gay, My first thought was “the color of the pillow cases and comforter is a crime in and of its self”

  14. They also shouldn't have moved her into the poolhouse. They should have had her in Lorelai's old room or a guest bedroom. And just have it be a week or two. Not indefinitely.

  15. That moment/line with Betty always makes me tear up and then to hear Estelle’s line about being there on her own but in real life she passed first…is someone cutting onions?

  16. That line still gets me. I'm watching this episode now and it still tugs at my heartstrings.

  17. Not weird. It’s sweet. They won’t be that age forever. Give him all the cuddles!

  18. I'm a graduate student studying to be a counselor. Recently, I have found placement to complete my field experience/internship for next year. I'm really excited!

  19. I loved her voice and their banter was irreplaceable. She’s wonderful in Toy Story too.

  20. Me! I didn't realize she was on Barney & Friends. Loved Wizards of Waverly Place as a kid.

  21. As an ace person it's pretty obnoxious how sex-focused they really are.

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