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  1. The hard part is the mental aspect of lifestyle changes. You can do it.

  2. I know what I need to do. Everything is planned out.

  3. That above the neck rule actually is a good idea.

  4. I put it on when I'm about to drive past some smoke so the smell doesn't get into my car and my lungs

  5. Rooney and RvP, was truly magical on the field especially how in sync they were.

  6. Shaky cam. I hate not being able to see the action because the cameras shaking or the cuts are too quick.

  7. I tried watching this movie Ambulance, the video shaking was crazy and become way too excessive for my liking.

  8. Spot on dude, I am a huge guy 1.9m and weigh over 120Kg, so I usually hug my friends and lift them up.

  9. Mate 10 is way better than samsung midrange phones

  10. Yeah choosing to keep the Mate 10, just need to replace the battery then it will be like brand new again.

  11. It would be cool if they could have subtitles enabled but you can only see them with a special pair of glasses.

  12. Have you ever tried wearing glasses over the pair you need to be able to see?

  13. A lens to clip over your normal glasses should do the trick

  14. RCA male to XLR male cable is what you need to connect to the input of the amp

  15. The males are the ones with poles right? Cuz I have both of those. But in the amp there's only XLR. So I can't really plug in the RCA cable. If I comprehend your statement right.

  16. The ones with the pointy things are the males, the ones with the holes in where the pointy things go into are females.

  17. How much is the 400? Scracth that, could u explain the difference?

  18. I'm South African, but I think they should be like $200 in your currency, not sure but best to do some research and shopping for the best deal.

  19. Which era of Twilight Zone is regarded as "iconic"?

  20. You don't need to upgrade RAM with the same manufacturer. Only frequency and latency are at play here.

  21. On the subject of RAM, if my motherboard supports 2600mhz, can I still install a 3200mhz RAM in it ?

  22. I would have dropped one Man C mid and upgrade one forward

  23. If I drop Bernardo, what's a cheaper alternative midfielder and what is a better striker in that region ?

  24. Try using a blow up donut or something to lessen the amount you enter into her. If it too wide then more foreplay.

  25. T-Pain - I'm Sprung "I'm spruuuuuung, smaak a gatsby"

  26. You and I by Medina. You and I already know where this is going lmao.

  27. I don't know because I never forfeited a match and the timeline looks when I just started

  28. Is Maguire your centre back in a high press system?

  29. Not even, maybe the game took advantage of my young team when I started

  30. Yeah same, noticed Grimsby Town in my 3rd season. How they got there is beyond me.

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