Update from Kira: we still need your help with winter uniforms and some gear for our unit in the Kharkiv area. See comments on how you can help us!

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  1. Russia won't nuke Kyiv. They consider it a Russian city. If they are going to nuke a Ukrainian city, it will be Lviv. From a symbolic perspective it's everything they hate.

  2. The Russians will definitely have to pull back to avoid their lines getting rolled up from the northeast to the southwest.

  3. Moscow will reuturn to Kievan Rus in the borders from medival times.

  4. I've been reading Kamil Galeev since the beginning of the war.

  5. So the crosses are used to identify ukrainian tanks. And the orcs probably thought Ukrainian was Romanian.

  6. Russia was the accepted successor state. It didn't need to reapply, from the point of view of international law it was the same nation as the Soviet Union under a new government system. Other nations have been able to keep UN membership through regime change using the same argument, and the UN has an accepted set of protocols to deal with such rump states.

  7. It was. In 1991 all ex-Soviet states agreed that after the breakup, Russia was the core of the Soviet Union and would continue to carry the dissolved governments debts, contracts, and international agreements. No nation, from the Ex-Soviet bloc or outside, even offered objection or counter-argument. The Soviet representative to the UN then formally declared, unopposed, that Russia would inherit the seat as the formerly recognised successor state.

  8. It is a full mobilization. Can we for once stop fucking pretending Russia is "holding back".

  9. Better a prison in Moscow than a grave in Donabas

  10. Wait until they realise none of them will have enough food, ammo or equipment.

  11. Or experienced officers. Or vehicles. Or air support. Or basic logistics.

  12. So Ukraine has already attacked Belgorod. Does that mean that Putin is implying it does not belong to Russia?

  13. Claiming you can mobilize and actually mobilizing are two different things. Russia can do the former all they want.

  14. Hot take here - this just goes to show the best defence is a good nuclear arsenal.You can literally leave your border empty. No one will invade.

  15. What? Do you really think a border wall will work? A 20th century border wall is not what stopped the Ruzzians in the Kiev assault. It was defense in depth. Ruzzians got bogged down. Every meter forward was harder than the last. Strong allies is what will keep Ukraine safe. If not NATO, then an alliance of former Soviet vassals.

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