1. Lydia got completely shafted in the later parts of s11. It's like they had an arc set up but ran out of time and forgot her.

  2. I hadn't really thought about it (I'm basically trying to forget season 11), but you're absolutely right. Lydia seemed like she was going to be so important to Negan, and that story just disappeared.

  3. If I recall correctly, this is because Freddy is controlling the TV at this point.

  4. No, this is at Westin Hills, and they're all on Hypnocil there (which stops their dreams). Will has been at Westin Hills for years. He happens to see a news report about his ex-girlfriend Lori and her friends and a murder that happened in her house.

  5. Anyone who gets far enough into the house with the rose window has an ear sprout. The sprout shows glimpses of our lives in different dimensions. As HAP puts it, it's a "garden of forking paths within us all." He keeps the boys who have the ear sprouts in his lab so he can make a map of the multiverse. Since Scott is an angel, his flowers are white, while the others are red.

  6. Literally. HAP eats one of the petals of a flower, and it shows him a sneak peek at Scott's NDE dimension.

  7. Wow, these look great. And I like how there's less frosting than usual. I've seen these things drowning in frosting, and I feel like it's unnecessary. You added just enough. Good job.

  8. Yes. Ibs has certainly limited my plans, goals, and even my fantasies for the future. I don't really enjoy much anymore.

  9. I hate the ads they place in the baking shows. I already saw the commercial, which should be enough, but now I have to watch a whole episode based on an advertisement for a movie I probably won't even like? Really takes me out of the competition aspect.

  10. It's awesome that their comeback has been so successful to this point where they can headline a pavilion tour but man, I really wish they would play more intimate shows in concert halls and theaters. I can't stand going to these massive venues.

  11. I agree. I saw them last year at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA and the place is HUGE! Took us forever to find our seats. I much prefer a smaller, standing room only theater.

  12. This style of cake is so cool to me. Every time I see it, it blows my mind. I'd be so happy to receive this as a birthday cake.

  13. I dislike Hunter's presence on Guy's shows. Every time he's on triple D, I turn the channel. I (thankfully) don't watch the other Guy shows he appears on. Hunter is awkward and brings down the tone of the show he's on. He's getting an opportunity solely based on being Guy's son without having any natural talent or charisma of his own.

  14. Must be a good location. My local longhorn sucks. Served me a gray steak once. And every other steak since covid has been mediocre.

  15. I wish more people were like you. So many people stopped watching it because it's too weird. If more people stayed with it, they could've seen how amazing it is. This show changes lives by changing our perspective of what life could be.

  16. Seriously what's up with that? He barely talks. Why even have him as a character?

  17. I'm almost 30. Is it bad that this is the birthday party I want to have?

  18. Thanks for this. It's very important to hear, especially for women. I grew up in a house where no one talked about poop. I've had ibs for almost 7 years, and you'd think I would've grown accustomed to the embarrassing nature of it, but old habits die hard. I still feel a weird shame about it, like it's unladylike. I know I tense up more because I don't want people to know what's going on inside me. It doesn't help that people around me still don't talk about poop so I have to go through this alone. But when I say what I'm feeling out loud, it helps. I feel the relief of just being honest. Going to have to do that more, for my own sake.

  19. Honestly, I'd be a little disappointed if it's just a live album. But hopefully they'll do at least one new song and music video to give us a taste of something new. I'd like to see how their music has evolved.

  20. This all comes down to a misogynistic branch of "healthcare" rooted in ancient practices (gynecology) and people having warped views based on the social construct of "virginity". It is all bullshit. Ie: They want to protect the hymen (completely ignoring that someone can be a virgin and have broken hymen for several hundred reasons) y'know, because women are sex objects and they want to make sure that pussy is tight and the shrink wrap-foam seal is intact. They try to use "may cause discomfort/sensations that are unfamiliar" as an excuse, but if you have more than one brain cell, you know the real reason.

  21. Thanks for posting this. I'm a virgin, and I always thought there were medical exams I couldn't do because of it. I wish more people would say what you said so others can know the truth.

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