1. cool. I also did this too. I would say yours is way more better than mine

  2. BRO HAS A HIDDEN HAREM TO GET THAT MUCH ULTRA BABIES!1?1!1?2!2£-£1?3&1&1£!2£2£;£22

  3. NO NO Let me try this again.. Aiman makes 7 billion ringgit every second, that doesn't means he impregnates Asahi every 24 hours. They only have one child and that's Crystal or Miny for her actual name.

  4. Ultraman + ultraman max chest + noa wing or back + neptune hair from hyper dimension neptunia anime

  5. I can feel the quotaspaziohabeginswhensmoke going through my spines

  6. whoa cool design. seeing this fan made ultra i kinda wished Tsuburaya would made a ultra based on egyptian god.

  7. Thanks! I think they should really make an Ultra based of mythology and egyptian gods. But imagine an Ultraman Zeus

  8. The head kind of reminds me of Nexus, it looks egyptian, yes, and that is good; an Ultra design with a theme is VERY awesome

  9. And you were correct! The head was a little bit based off of Nexus

  10. I actually love the design. The color scheme is actually good. And dam he jacked as hell

  11. Ahaha, the jacked part is just me not really knowing how to draw bodies

  12. If you improve on drawing, you should really keep his jacked body. It just adds a little bit more difference to other Ultras just like how Man, Z Beta and Titas are thicc as hell

  13. No, he's just kicking with the sword at Lightning Speed it creates like an illusion.

  14. I think you should have drawn the other legs in different layers and lower the opacity/visibility y’know

  15. I hope they will release Trigger's other forms and the Dark Giants, cuz these looks dope!

  16. So thats what Carmeara means when she says “lets make this passionate”

  17. Watch Trigger because it’s the prequel to Decker. Or you could just not watch it since I’m sure they have talked about Trigger in flashbacks and recaps

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