1. I don't know about ufc rules, but I used to grab my brother by the ankles and just bend him 'till his feet were behind his ears like a college freshman

  2. I feel like I remember Anderson Silva used to grab peoples ankles before going in. Well that and kick their legs when they were on their back.

  3. The Diablo Steel Demon carbide sawzall blades are game changers. I went through 3-4 regular metal blades trying to cut out a seized bolt on a control arm. Went to HD for more, and ran across the Steel Demons. Not quite knife through butter, but I bought a 3-pack and only needed one to cut two bolts in two different spots (4 cuts).

  4. They have some crazy stuff. Got a multi material blade for my circ saw. Cuts strut and sign posts like butter, and clean enough on wood for finish work. It’s insane.

  5. Lol, I got mad when it went from $90 something, to $130+. Bought a few jugs. Next time I needed it it was over $400. My 22 was less than that when I bought it 🤯

  6. Use a not Harbor Freight Allen key 😂. Seriously though, if you are going to use a hole saw more than a few times, your time and frustration are worth getting a Diablo or Spyder.

  7. I’m sorry, has OP purchased, or know anyone who’s purchased literally anything at all in the last several months?

  8. Be careful with the insulation. My 1916 wire insulation likes to break when it’s bent.

  9. You have to bend yours? Mike breaks if it sees light, feels air, or I look at it.

  10. I yell at my guys for setting their tools on furniture like that.

  11. I doubt it, the old guy could barely walk when he came out of his house with it

  12. Yeah. “Hey grandpa can you sell this toolbox one of my tweaker buddies gave me?”

  13. Wounded are dying from lack of medical supplies (like antibiotics). The soldiers eat once a day, and they are running out of water. 😔

  14. All the time in old homes. Added partition walls to make two rooms, or add a closet to a room.

  15. Didn't know that. I was going to say, those batteries look very different

  16. I kinda wish they highlighted the amp hours like that on the NA batteries. My helper never fails to put a 12.0 on my impact when I’m working overhead on a ladder, and a 3.0 on my circ saw, rotary hammer, or vac 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  17. Did they rub peanut butter on it, and let a squirrel “cope” the end? 🐿 🥜🪚

  18. Yeh I understand the necessity, doesn’t mean I like it though, it’s expensive on our already underfunded township

  19. Just imagine how inconvenient and pricey a climate disaster would be…

  20. Talk to yourself, a climate crisis sounds like good business

  21. I like that long term outlook! The world would be a better place if everyone was like you 👍🏼.

  22. Probably for a well system then. About 6’ high and 24-28” dia?

  23. Probably about an 80 gallon tank then. Very likely for an old well system.

  24. Super glue should be fine. If you're worried about strength you could use a 5min epoxy

  25. My wife’s hair clip from Paris that she really likes. Clip is (was…) held on by foil backed paper.

  26. I’d 100 percent be looking at getting solar panels as well if you’re gonna be installing a heat pump system, it can be very very expensive to run these systems using electricity

  27. Well I’m in British Columbia and Natural gas is truly cheap to run

  28. Neighbor and I live at the end of 100+ year old street with some pretty decent elevation and people have dumped junk down the hill over the years.

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