1. Wow how much did you pay for shipping ?

  2. It was my first time ever buying from an agent and noticed it was the cheapest and the estimated delivery seems alright so I said fuck it but I realized it was a mistake and I shouldn’t of done it

  3. I think you're just unlucky. I shipped May 27 and its already in BC

  4. I don’t mind the shipping time I just don’t want my package to get lost or smt

  5. Yeah they are good for the price however I don’t have them in hand yet. They look good from the qc pictures so I would say go for it

  6. Can you post the rest of the qc pictures? Color looks good

  7. You're right but it's not kosher to say good things about him here. It's really surprising with his injury history that he's done that well at this point.

  8. Exact same things were said about ROR. Either way its kind of fun to dunk on him before the team inevitably gets healthy next year

  9. I think they should strongly consider trading picks for players and trying to win. We are young, yes, but you don’t stay young and good-contract forever.

  10. That's exactly what previous regimes did and failed. Load up on talented young players and avoid cutting corners

  11. Username checks out. Not every scenario is the same, though. The cupboards are stocked. I’m not saying raid the coffers, just be open to the right move (like a starting goalie)

  12. Hello, friend, u can send the link to me, I will fix it. Or u can use the manual order and fill in the price yourself.

  13. We’re a goalie and 2 players away from making the playoffs next year: Quinn & Powers…

  14. I think Powers and Quinn are above Peterka..Yes, I’m sure he’ll make a difference, But The other 2 are on a different level.

  15. Peterka is ppg in the AHL he belongs with those two imo

  16. Nah it was nice to see another team smash their sticks

  17. I judge a goalie by wins.

  18. Are we going to pretend like the 40 yr old goalie hasn't been injured most of the season?

  19. Except he did by not signing an extension. The Sabres were never going to lose him to FA for nothing. Eichel being a scumbag doesn't change the fact that we got more for him because he already had a long term deal, unlike Reino

  20. And then the Sabres tried signing him long term and he refused. The Sabres got a weaker return because he refused. I don't blame Reino, but to act like he didn't force his way out is wrong

  21. " We are a good goaltender away from being a contender."

  22. We have so many prospects balling out that I forget we even drafted them. Long gone are the days where we just had bailey and baptiste to look forward to

  23. It’s hilarious how we all see him as emotional - but if you watch his interviews he literally NEVER SHOWS EMOTION.

  24. No offence, but I don't think you've been paying attention if thats your take. All the stick smashing and swears were enough emotion. Dude also has really bad body language when they're losing he does a terrible job of hiding it. Compare that to Tuch (he's lost a lot since he's gotten here too).

  25. Are you JOKING? Peak Crosby would absolutely be able to carry this team to a playoff position if you swapped him for Eichel.

  26. Is peak Crosby fixing Hutton's eyesight? Would he have made Risto a replacement level D man? Would he have taken Skinner off the 4th line?

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