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  1. There's a rally against the city controlling tows and taxing everyone for a service that is leaving people stranded.

  2. Marketing and sales, I bet she's a HOOT in the office.

  3. This has me so intrigued. What part of the world are you on? How did you install the camera? (3rd party or on a laptop?)

  4. Wow, I work close to this town and never knew. Thanks for the share!

  5. Yes. I agree with you there.

  6. I think we can all agree that this percentage was based on waaay too many factors, making it very inaccurate.

  7. That's not how they did it. Most gun owners own more than one gun and most guns aren't registered.

  8. right, totally agree. BUT if you use the example I posted, it makes sense to the percentages they based their "Facts" off of.

  9. I would KILL for some Sinnoh stones. I feel like they have completely cut off stone giving. it sucks.

  10. See that’s what I’m worried abt like what if I really want to evolve in the future but I deleted a bunch so I cant

  11. Well, I had a bunch, did the same thing you posted about and here we are lol.

  12. If you serach #HoustonChef on IG, you can find over 90,000 posts with home chef like people. hope that helps!

  13. Really depends on area. I travel extremely far for The Chopping Block in Webster, but worth every minute sitting in traffic.

  14. Driving might be a pain, but I’d like to try places at least once! I’ll be sure to check them out. Anything you recommend?

  15. follow them on their socials and grab there specials. They have been pushing some really interesting wings, burger patties and steak deals. They also offer in house dry aging which is pretty awesome.

  16. currently paying 85.00 every 3 months in the kingwood area. private service.

  17. E sports team for schools sounds better than seeing the youth on the news every night. Why not try adding something else school related that the kids are into.

  18. for everyone asking- pipeline schedule is average 1/3 of the year home. Nobody really cares but here we are.

  19. I hate dudes setting up the future for everyone, but if you live off of that mentality you'll never have a successful relationship. ever.

  20. Tell me your life is a tikok, without telling me your life is a tiktok.

  21. ......does crimestoppers offer money for this? just asking.....

  22. put the account on blast, everyone reports= cant be ignored maybe?

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