The wind blew too hard.

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  1. Thing gets quite hot in that reentery burn. Does that not damage it?

  2. I have larger labias. I have heard a LOT of cruel remarks about them. It got so bad that I actually warned people I wanted to get naked with, so they could decide whether they wanted to see "that".

  3. Anything that's not a fish takes no fall damage, so that Hämis is gonna be A-OK! 👍

  4. Indeed, he made it all the way to The Laboratory, Hämis 👍

  5. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been riding Yamaha’s my whole life. But clinging on stubbornly to that in line four because it’s their “signature”, makes no sense in the world of evolution.

  6. It was one of my homing rock from my last run, one of the parallel worlds must have been yours. So sorry. :)

  7. Looks like predictive SSD failure. If its new RMA it, if its old, replace

  8. The first player of Noita to ask: “how do i kill myself”

  9. Warning your save file is now 200mb!!! Steam will have a heart attack.

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