My wife just went back to work and thinks I'm an idiot

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  1. I saw people say that, but I didn’t have a “Disabled” config on my PC. Is that seriously the only way?

  2. Check again. It's not on your PC, it's stored online on steam servers, so everybody has it.

  3. she don't thinks you are an idiot, she just want to be clear and make life easier for both

  4. se as opções fossem números mais distantes essa pesquisa teria sido muito mais divertida e interessante.

  5. go to store, click on your store -> preferences -> untick "Adult Only Sexual Content", "Nudity or Sexual Content", and if you want to be even more aggressive on filter untick "General Mature Content" and "Frequent Violence or Gore" as well. you can even filter specific tags if you want, put them at "TAGS TO EXCLUDE"

  6. until you discover that cockroaches can live one month without their own head...

  7. Well, not sure what my head has to do with a cockroach living or dying. My foot perhaps, but I'm certainly not headbutting the wee bastards.

  8. A do Espírito Santo óbvio, porque é a mais gay.

  9. If you didn't change your account region and you're not using an account that was created using the VPN connection to fake your location, so there's no reason to worry.

  10. 4 years ago.... It's 2018 and u didn't have fallout? hallo? quake? not even half life? Jesus!

  11. because in Japan poor people just kill themselves

  12. I woke up with 100+ notifications expecting something super big and interesting but turns out being just a noobish ping... MEEEH

  13. I don't really mind being in pain. If someone is here just to spread hate I can't see a reason for that and I don't give a fuck for it. I believe you are a little paranoid

  14. Aliexpress is reliable because if something gone wrong you will be refunded. I always buy from random stores, I never check the reputation or seller, and I never get to the point that I can't recovery my money due a seller fault... Obvious, you must keep track of your package and send requests to aliexpress support before the time ends if something gone wrong, otherwise it's your fault.

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