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  1. Agreed. They can join with a new character at roughly the same power level once they're ready with a new character, I'll figure out a way to introduce them and my group knows the drill. We're all IRL friends and the game is there for us to hang out and have fun, so having them wait real life weeks for the Right Session (back at town, etc) feels punitive to me.

  2. This is why I hate the "It doesn't make narrative sense" excuse. Buddy, it's just a game. Don't overcomplicate it. Even if you're on some remote island somewhere, their character could have survived a ship wreck and ended up on the island due to current. Or hell, they fell through a series of extraplanar portals and POOF they are with the party.

  3. So in reality, it's big corporations fault and not mine so technically I didn't cheat.

  4. Sorry to hear about PPD, I know it can be rough. Try to remember that those dark clouds and thunderstorms in your mind are just a mix of hormones and chemicals and not the true you. You look great and you are strong!

  5. good choice you're very handsome and look younger. short hair draws more attention to your eyes which are great.

  6. well i mean, crumpets are delicious so not sure why that would be a problem

  7. Currently in college, there's this girl in my group that, whenever I open my mouth, groans and rolls her eyes. I hadn't even met her before the class, and I definitely didn't do anything to her. She's just a dick for no reason.

  8. Had a similar situation when I was in college. Asked a mutual friend what the issue was. Turns out I looked like her high school ex who had cheated on her.

  9. Also don't trust a man in a hockey mask in your spaceship, even if he is completely frozen!

  10. Or in a milder way, tell you to “stop complaining” when you vent to them, but expect you to listen to their venting when they do.

  11. To be fair, it seems like some people's entire personality is about complaining. "My boss is mean", "my car is more than 5 years old", "I wanted to go to [nice restaurant] but my parents took me to [also a nice restaurant]", and on and on and on..... I know people need to vent but Jesus Christ, I don't want 100% of my time with you to be you bitching about every detail of your life and how it could be better.

  12. My wife and I have had our friend groups change drastically since having kids. At first it made me a bit sad but then I realized that some of our friends are a just real ones.

  13. Absolutely. Having kids shows you who are actually your friends and who are just friends of convenience.

  14. I don’t totally agree. Having a baby completely changes perspective on this type of thing. They probably had no idea what chaos they were causing

  15. This has very little to do with having a kid and a lot to do with the friends being flat out inconsiderate. It doesn't take much time to say you're running late. After already being 20 minutes late and saying you're still 30 minutes out, that is the friends showing you how little they value your time. Kids or no kids, I want the people I hang around to value me and my time. If you don't, then you're not really a friend.

  16. Bruh I've seen people carry huge backpacks just to the office and back. I don't understand the phenomenon but you're right

  17. I brought my 65L bag to the office once because I was going camping immediately after work. It was so fucking embarrassing.... So many jokes about "Hey, you know they can't force you to sleep here, right?"

  18. Wait so step 4 isn't kicking the other dads teeth in if their dbags about it and allow their kid to keep causing my kid problems?

  19. As someone who grew up at music festivals their entire life I can tell you yes you can and it's very common.

  20. Nothing worse than tripping on mushrooms and a toddler just wanders up to you and you're not sure where the parents are.

  21. I would question the fact that’s the first thing on your mind and not the fact I trying to catapult a toddler, but I’m the guy who catapulted a toddler.

  22. Or that is such a huge misunderstanding of reality (because toddlers weigh anywhere from 25 to 45 pounds) that the rest of the statement is completely pointless.

  23. This is an open table DnD compaign that we started 1 year ago. So far, about 15 people has played at least one session. But to spare me some work I only represented the players's characters that has played more than just one session.

  24. Just went through your art station and holy shit! You are truly a rare gem with your talent! I hope you continue to bring such beautiful work to life for many many years to come. The world needs the beauty you can create!

  25. Hi, dad. Would you like some commercial macro-brew?

  26. A way to at least stop the conga line is say you can't flank while flanked. At least this encourages movement in combat. Advantage might still be too good though.

  27. I do this but also that advantage only counts on your first strike. After that you need to move away and either engage a new enemy or hide. Otherwise your presence is known and you are considered an immediate threat.

  28. I would say the only step that you are missing here before defending yourself is to leave.

  29. I know I should agree with you from a reasonable perspective, but I just can’t help but think how embarrassing that would be for my son. It may be a cultural thing, but where I’m from you do have a right to stand your ground if someone is bullying you. Running away screaming for the teacher is a recipe for unceasing mockery imo.

  30. I think you're focusing too much on the screaming and less on the leaving. You would scream IF NECESSARY. I'm not suggesting at the first sign of trouble you immediately go full banshee.

  31. As the father of a 5yo, I love seeing the perspective of the dads with kids 13+. It’s such a different stage, and the posts are more infrequent, but they’re always a good reminder of what my little family is building to.

  32. For some reason your post about old dads makes me think we should have a separate age count for how long you've been a dad.

  33. Attaches something to bed of truck with tie down straps and says, “That ain’t going anywhere.”

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