1. That's an unavoidable bug that occurs. Re-launch the game and the error should go away. The only fix is to reload the game.

  2. I don't like shit on the first 2 Games since tech was limited and they couldn't do much.

  3. Honestly, they'd probably pick the most disliked movies

  4. Regardless, it would be a nice feature for endgame.

  5. Don't worry, they respawn again. They come back stronger actually. You can fight them as many times as you want!

  6. Great, but how long do they take to respawn? I feel like it's been a good while now and I don't see anything, appreciate the help though!!

  7. Based on the info you gave me, you say you've beaten Vegito and Gotenks. Why don't you go over to the Land of the Kai's and see what's waiting ;)

  8. I want Dragon Ball super DLC I don't care about trunks. I dont care about Bardock I care about Goku

  9. Well too bad. You're never getting it. Better suck it up and move on.

  10. Be grateful we're even getting more DLC for this game. Anyway If you're that 'thoroughly upset' then don't buy the DLC, go play Budakai or whatever.

  11. Just hope that if it's DLC, it doesn't mess with mods.

  12. Oh cool, didn't know they had mods for Ultra Instinct/Ego. Any.power buffs or is it just a skin replacement?

  13. yeah, you can train with whis and level up faster

  14. No he means is he supposed to be there while in a fight 😂

  15. There's DLC 1 that dives into Battle of God's where you can get the SSG transformation. Then there is DLC 2, that goes into resection F where you can get SSJB. That's as close to super content as you can get.

  16. Played through the game, and thought about making a custom character mod. Basically, a playable Majin Buu. The idea is that you will be able to cycle through Fat Buu, Super Buu, Gotenks Buu, and Kid Buu via talking to a place-holder NPC, but unfortunately all four forms will have separate levels linked to them (e.g let's say you get Fat Buu to level 30, and then swap to Super Buu --> Super Buu will be at lvl 1, and you will have to level this form separately as well as unlock his skills separately). Also, massive thanks to ssjatys (versus mod creator).

  17. Oh, very interesting! That would be really cool to see happen!

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