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  1. https://www.healthsystemtracker.org/chart-collection/health-spending-u-s-compare-countries-2/

  2. Nothing is FREE. In the end, somebody has to pay for it. The somebody in the case of national healthcare is the people of that nation. They may not pay for it directly every month, but they pay for it in taxation or higher prices for everything. The money has to come from somewhere and at the end of the day, the only place it can come from is money printing by the government, which leads to inflation, or by getting it from the citizens of the country one way or another.

  3. USA citizens pay more for healthcare than every other countries. But the billionaires need to scrape off all the money they can from the lower classes!

  4. It really only needs to be heated to 33f or somewhere above freezing. Not nearly as expensive as heating to human livable temperatures.

  5. if its this much work to make everybody speak french....it's almost like it's just.... not that french speaking after all....

  6. 93.72% of people in Québec can speak French as of 2021.

  7. Japanese legal system has like, a 99% conviction rate, it doesn't mean everybody sees justice. I'm happy for them to speak French and take pride in it and everything, but not to the point people get tickets for jay talking

  8. You have no idea how fucked some of the shit the Indians did was.

  9. I guess he poured gasoline, and the fumes dispersed in the tunnels making it go boom.

  10. It's a still image. Of course the FPS changes nothing lmao.

  11. While the PP coach (whoever) has to take a blame for this mediocracy, the players should also take part of the blame. Suzuki and Caufield are just ok on the PP, but the 3 others are terrible.

  12. KFC. You see it on TV and are like, "fuck I haven't had kfc in ages".

  13. The twister wraps were pretty good last time I ate there.

  14. As a kid I put floaties on my ankles and jumped in the water. One of my worst ideas ever. Legs go up, head goes down, I almost drowned. This reminds me of that

  15. Next time wrap a whole life jacket around your ankles and finish the job.

  16. Birds aren't real. This is how they recharge their batteries.

  17. You acknowledge they are real then if they do that. Checkmate.

  18. A subscription means no adds so at least there’s some kind of transaction not too unlike a TV channel subscription.

  19. Doesn’t work very well on twitch from what I’ve heard

  20. I thought you were going to suggest that the homeless army assembles into a car from as anon swings the door (a homeless dude hanging vertically) open and gets in seat (a plump and smelly hobo on top of another homeless guy), puts the car in gear (using the exposed erection of another homeless guy, obviously) as the assembled gaggle of homeless men that is his automobile starts crawling forward

  21. It's a successful survival tactic. If someone is confident and aggressive, most animals will rather leave them alone than to test why they dare being aggressive.

  22. Idk, I remember searching for a Sonic character in 2006 and porn came up on the first page. R34 has been going strong for a long time.

  23. I think I first had internet at home in the late '90s tbf but 2006 seems like a long time ago now!

  24. I remember when my friend was using Google and I was like wtf is that? Use Altavista or Yahoo.

  25. No it isn’t. Inhaling smoke and carcinogenic tar isn’t better, and even if you say “bUt WhAt ABoUt mUh EdIbLeS” there is still much to learn about the effects of THC on the brain in particular.

  26. You can die from stopping alcohol suddenly, if you drink all day everyday. If you stop weed suddenly you'll get a little insomnia and slightly depressed lol.

  27. I never said anything about the cost of the game, and my statement still is accurate. They (Valve) will do everything imaginable (including building a subpar mobile system that nobody asked for) instead of focusing on their successful games. I get that Steam is a cash cow, but Valve has just gotten lazy because of it.

  28. They (Valve) will do everything imaginable except build sequels (L4D, HL) or actually maintain games (TF2). It truly boggles the mind!

  29. Are you implying that he was responsible for some deaths or something

  30. Lol so basically they just admitted their arsenal hasn’t been kept up with, just like the rest of their military equipment….and to think the world was scared of this “Super Power” during the cold war

  31. Two for tree-fiddy at 7-11 where I live. Cheapest buzz kick in town :)

  32. Around here we have 1.18 liter bottles of 10.1% beer for about 6$.

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