1. My black dog looks identical to yours! Her name is Bonnie, she was abandoned by some tenants I had years ago. She certainly did wind up in a good place, she is spoiled at my house.

  2. Ringo had the most difficult childhood. His health was poor and spent a good deal of time hospitalized with a painful stomach condition. Plus, lived in the toughest area. Paul, as we know lost his beloved mom at an early age. John, was spoiled by Aunt Mimi, in a middle class home, much nicer than the other Beatles. That’s important in class conscious England. George, had the intact family and stability. I loved them all together and individually for various reasons. They truly changed the world.

  3. Always thought it was interesting that Ringo had such terrible illness and tough life as a boy, but mark my words, he will be the last Beatle standing. Peace & Love Ringo, thank you for a lifetime of entertainment.

  4. Sweetness! I have a few, love the TBC, really helps with SLP VHSC. Mind if I ask what you paid for it?

  5. I have a client at my videography studio who has every single solitary Hot Wheels car ever made. He has been getting them directly from Mattel for decades now. He dropped some film off and has yet to return and I dint have a contact number but ill see what I can do to reach him

  6. This getting upvoted in the conservative subreddit shows this subreddit is no longer conservative.

  7. 3M Blackwatch cleaner cassette is what professionals use before getting into a technical cleaning.

  8. Are you allowed to show a sample of the film?

  9. I have been granted permission for release but there is a lot of work to do on the film and I want to get some input from the woman who shot the film as there are a few interesting bits on the reel. Im looking at a full release in Mid January or so.

  10. Have you tried using head cleaner?

  11. The blatant infiltration of liberals on this sub is proof enough. Brain dead idiots that follow whatever Dear Leader tells them.

  12. Great photo! Almost certainly Sunday, August 21, 1966 at Crosley Field in Cincinnati.

  13. I have a new 3 minute unseen 8mm reel of Crosley that I am trying to obtain the rights to publish. Unknown until last week, it is not part of any 66 Cincinnati compilation.

  14. I'm 57+, been paying attention to politics since late '75 and I saw and say the hyper partisanship began with Clinton era. I grew up in America but am an adult in a completely different world.

  15. This is LA Forum 71, shot from the side of the stage by Eddie Vincent.

  16. Thank you for kindly sharing!! Did you film them in 1977 by chance?

  17. https://archive.org/details/led-zeppelin-la-forum-zeptember-4-1970-live-from-blueberry-hill-the-film

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