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  1. Salty because you never learned how to use grammar properly?

  2. I was reading better than 6th graders in the third grade, got advanced language arts for 3 years, all while Spanish being my 1st language. So no, no I am not.

  3. Then why of all people do you just sit back and watch people absolutely butcher the language

  4. I love this! Can I save to use as my phone wallpaper??

  5. might have been banned by discord, support is useless, your probably not going to get your account back

  6. It’s not cringe and nerdy to actually use proper grammar my guy

  7. I think these people have a genuine mental illness. Like narcissistic personality disorder or something

  8. It’s always nice when someone gets bodied and you can see their arms and stuff seize up. That’s how you know they’re hurting.

  9. *Heroin. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but Heroine means ‘female hero’ and to me getting ‘female hero’ mixed up with ‘killer opioid’ seems specifically bad. I’ve always wondered why those two words and the very different meanings that they have had to be so similar in terms of spelling

  10. No no It’s from big Lez show Pop corn as one word goes to popcoin Hero in as one word goes to heroine

  11. Why change? We’ve been doing our thing for over 50 years - just out of the eyes of the public since 1969.

  12. Yeah, I guess we prefer text 'emojis' (don't really know what they're called) like XD, :), :(, etc.

  13. Would you be willing to tell me how you folded that or is it a trade secret?

  14. You should listen to Dicks Picks 16 and Road Trips Vol. 2 No. 2, those will give you really good examples of the band’s early sound. Both are in 1968 iirc. The Feedbacks from those shows are incredible!

  15. Definitely not just a phase my friend! Welcome to the family. The bus came by and you got on, this is where it all begins!

  16. I almost thought this was dicks 16. Man dicks 16 is a killer show

  17. If it was a kink it would stay in the bedroom. Nobody makes their kink into their whole ass identity.

  18. You’re actually retarded. Is that why you get so mad at people using that word? Because you’re a tard?

  19. literalli all mems lmaoo... funi at first then unfuni but still overused then ded... funi again a while latah

  20. I guess people started overusing the emoji and it became not funny anymore

  21. Real question: is it like a type of humor you can explain? Like am I missing something or it's literally just - E? What about color saturation and distortion makes one look at a regular picture and say, there is humor in this? I'm legitimately curious tbh

  22. No, we peaked at piano cat. All downhill from there.

  23. I feel like everyone knows "unkempt" but maybe they haven't made the automatic connection that kempt is the same root word.

  24. Weird, my brain must not have to think about that kinda stuff. Like actively making root connections and stuff.

  25. Because you always want to know where they are and what’s happening to them. It’s a morbid curiosity victims share. I keep tabs on my uncle, who sexually assaulted me when I was 9. Imagine my surprise to find out he had stage 4 colon cancer. On Facebook no less. I’m not friends with him but i see things he comments on to other family members sometimes. I told my mom when I was 11 but she didn’t do anything to help me. She died of stage 3 ovarian cancer in October. This is why I understand why she follows her rapist on Facebook. Because you get to witness when karma finally comes for them.

  26. This photo almost makes it look like a miniature train diorama

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