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Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson to try to beat Jeff Bezos to space: report

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  1. I played goalie in soccer but this kind of pass is what goalies dream of.

  2. Thing is so many VGK fans are happy that Tuch is doing so well for you guys. On the flip side many of your fans relish in our demise since we got Eichel. I grew up a Sabres fan watching Hasek in the 90s and can understand enjoying some resurgence in your team having some success. But to shit on Eichel for asking to be traded to a more likely playoff contending team? Hasek did the same thing and got his number retired.

  3. Do you remember how long it took for sabres fans to embrace Hasek after he left? Also hasek is an all time great and carried us to a cup finals. Some people in Buffalo still don't like hasek. Jacks got a long way to go to be compared to him.

  4. That was not a pretty shift from Skinner. And then it was a very pretty shift from Skinner. More steamed hams!!!

  5. Yea he had like 3 passes into leafs legs before that goal.

  6. I feel like its been forever since we've had a line with the chemistry Tuch-Tage-Skinner has.

  7. Tailed and added ML, over 1.5 and more corners. Worked out solid for me.

  8. You would think the punter over the years has kicked field goals and could handle that chip shot.

  9. Their punter is an Aussie rules football player. Probably doesn't have the technique for a FG.

  10. Any1 else having a problem playing the Northside rooftop challenge on PS5? I finished the other 3 but can't play this one.

  11. Anyone else getting people that quit in TTO and then still being attributed with losing. Shits frustrating especially when you are in tier 3.

  12. Can I just quit triple threat games on PS5 to get Francis or Do I have to close app?

  13. Just started playing my team today. Played it pretty heavily back in 19. Just trying to figure out where to get started what are some good cheap players? I bought like 5 packs to start got 90 Lillard and a diamond Schroeder. Should I keep or sell Schroeder? On ps5 by the way.

  14. Do you plan on playing offline/online or both?

  15. Mostly online and more triple threat than 5v5. But I might try to play more 5v5 this time.

  16. Man there are some salty ass Bills fans in here lmaooo

  17. I mean I realize we missed a bunch of plays but penalties against the bills seemed to be crucial plays

  18. Was in the stadium. Sitting in the 200s in the endzone on the side that he intercepted the pass.

  19. Serious question, how good is he at holding for FG and PATs? Crosby seems to be touchy about his holder.

  20. I'm a bills fan and his holding on FGs can be a bit questionable at times definitely gave our kicker some laces early in the year. But seemed to be better the later the season went on.

  21. It’s unclear. He was pretty inconsistent his first two years, but had a pretty great 2020 overall. It’s possible he wanted a legit contract from the Bills that they didn’t want to give so they went out and signed someone for cheap. Or maybe they just felt he’d overall been too inconsistent. Hard to say.

  22. Being a bills fan I would say it was he was too inconsistent. We paid Haack more money than bojo got elsewhere.

  23. This made me switch back to playstation when Microsoft forgot to send me a shipping label. Then I asked again the next week and they said my warranty was up.

  24. Ledecky just went ham on that last leg. 1.5 seconds faster than her 200 individual.

  25. The relay start will always give you a faster time

  26. So I'm watching in a bar and can't hear any commentary and know nothing about water polo. Is the USA and Hungary both good?

  27. Hah, the MLB looking long-term. I'd like to see that

  28. Don't think I've ever seen the mlb give a single fuck about their future.

  29. She can (still) medal in team but she will still compete in future events unless she really is injured

  30. Why can't she medal in team? She did a vault.

  31. USA needs more creativity in the midfield we're just smashing it forward.

  32. SPCE to the moon?πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  33. Add more special teams players to the HoF you cowards

  34. Got ya dude must have just been the world's shittiest pilot or just trolling. Don't think I've ever done it before.

  35. Usually the aggressor blows up but if the other heli is weak it also blows up.

  36. Neither time were we in a different heli. Once he was standing on the ground and once he had jumped out of the heli and got ran into in the air.

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