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  1. Bro some of us enjoy pounding beers with our boys on Friday and Saturday. We don’t drink Sunday through Thursday. Going to AA when you don’t have a drinking problem is incredibly distasteful

  2. Did you read the post? OP is regularly pulling 15 tall boys per night while gaming. That's not a casual amount for chilling on a weekend gaming. Getting hammered (OPs own words) regularly isn't healthy behavior.

  3. Oh shit I misread. There’s no way you can put away 15 tall boys though. That has to be an embellishment

  4. Naw it's doable if it's something like Corona Light. Won't be pleasant though. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about the bloating 🤢

  5. Im afraid this is a serious question. This is what culture teaches kids today sadly.

  6. Not really. Culture today teaches kids to take a more comprehensive look at historical figures and include the opinions of historically marginalized groups in their assessment.

  7. We're only 3ish days into a significant rebalance, so the meta hasn't adjusted enough to properly answer this. Everything is still churn. Luckily, success doesn't really matter this early in the season.

  8. How pleased are you with Gliscor? I was underwhelmed. I'm running non-shadow and the Night Slashes don't pack any punch.

  9. I've liked it. It has useful resistances for Remix. NS and EQ synergize really well together. It's more of a 'fits the team' pick than a true star, and strong resistance to bug, electric, and ground makes it a good 'catch their charged move' type safe switch.

  10. Hey guys, I'm a newbie player and my knowledge of the game is still a bit limited. I think I've read somewhere (or probably watched on a YouTube video) that Machamp is the best fighting pokemon. Is this correct? Also, whcih one is better, a shadow Machamp that's not 3*, maybe 2* or worse, or a 3*/4* Machamp?

  11. Situational. Top is better than Chan in some formats. Lee is always the worst.

  12. Cute, but not really needed. Cats have good enough nightvision to catch a mouse in the dark or make precise jumps. Their pupils can massively expand when needed to absorb as much light as they need in any situation.

  13. Plenty of Americans with Polish ancestry here, and no shortage of Central/Eastern European immigrants either. Assuming the person in question isn't an a-hole, they'll be just fine.

  14. A few years ago, I bought an Ultrafear as my intermediate board, paired with Union Stratas. It is indeed great for park, especially jibbing. It doesn't feel great on jumps. Off-mountain, it functions, but I prefer my Arbor.

  15. I'd say southern California, the state alone ranks as 4th largest economy in the world.

  16. Naw, people just tunnelvision on Hollywood when they describe SoCal that way. Compton and Riverside are here too.

  17. Why did they need to do 4 different egg pools? No way you'll be able to hunt the shiny regionals, which is probably intended

  18. The Vegas event details actually shed some light on this. Key pieces of information:

  19. It's much more of a thing in Latin America. I don't know any Americans who do it, but I know quite a few in Mexico who do.

  20. Not a greatly worded question but I think I know what you're asking. In GL cup formats I have got into the 3300s. If I tried competing at that level in OML with what I have or can build with available candy, I'd go full Tom Petty and freefall down to 2500 or worse.

  21. Estados Unidos Mexicanos should be on there too. It's literally just the Mexican United States.

  22. Great. Bulgaria and Albania will get invaded in the ensuing chaos and Afghanistan will Take over the remains of Turkmenistan and start influencing Central Asia.

  23. You mean Western Asia. Central Asia would be over by Nepal.

  24. This is a really nice, efficient way to tank their player base if they don't proceed with caution.

  25. Despite our reputation for disrespect towards other cultures, Americans a re consistently more interested in pronouncing and using loanwords correctly than Brits. Our pronunciations of words, especially place names, have significantly evolved over the past years, whereas if you listen to British media, they couldn't care less how other cultures or languages pronounce their words.

  26. Yes, there is definitely an apathy towards correct pronunciation amongst the British. I just had flashbacks to James May saying 'tacko' instead of 'taco', or literally any British historian insisting on 'con-kwist-uh-door'.

  27. Taco has been brought up before (Jamie Oliver a chef also says Tack-os). It is because the longer A sound like tah-cohs is the norm for a rather upper class English. Not being neighbours to Mexico doesn't help of course. Otherwise many food terms have just been adopted into British English in their own way and it sounds a bit pretentious to go against it. The US has rather interesting interpretations of foods like parmesan and bologna too, it is quite universal really.

  28. Bologna is a really interesting one because we usually use the correct pronunciation when referring to the place but the wrong one when talking about the food.

  29. I spent all day doing cyber Monday shopping instead of my real job, and I was finally starting to relax, but then you went and posted THIS monstrosity. I hate this. I won't be able to sleep.

  30. If they bring back guaranteed XL candy for each trade I'll be happy

  31. I believe they're alternating between 2 Daily Raid Passes and Guaranteed Trade XL candy each season.

  32. I believe they're alternating between 2 Daily Raid Passes and Guaranteed Trade XL candy each season.

  33. Shin Godzilla is, without question, one of the best recent Godzilla movies. In the film, actress Satomi Ishihara plays the American daughter of a US Senator. Although the movie is in Japanese, she gets a few English lines.

  34. I love that movie, but this is one of the few things I would pay the studio to fix.

  35. Agreed. It shouldn't even be too difficult to dub over her voice. She's already mouthing the right syllables.

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