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  1. Title makes it sound like OP committed suicide after making this post

  2. what did shoe on head do again

  3. You said "I think he is very smart!" You just forgot about it

  4. jesus christ this meme fucking sucks. you're basically implying all cis people are these exclusionary people and that if you let them in this sub, they're gonna take over and make it a non-safe space.

  5. This was in response to posts saying the title less sarcastically.

  6. reading this post thinking it's english is the same feeling as reading dutch thinking it's german

  7. The first joke about trans people that doesnt refer to attack helicopters

  8. I guarantee you have seen other funny trans jokes because I see this exact comment on them every time they're posted

  9. Does anyone else get this weird uncanny valley feeling from AI-generated imagery that is slightly off? Even though none of the images here look AI-generated, I still feel a little grossed out by it.

  10. ah I have seen Cum Town referenced a lot in another podcast I watch, and didn't realize Stavros was a member when he was a guest on it lmao

  11. im also cis-hetero but the gay mafia might be on to me so keep it a secret bro

  12. The Twitter PEMDAS discourse is the single biggest piece of evidence that the American education system is fundamentally broken

  13. uhh but the m comes before the d? it LITERALLY goes before the d. you dumb stupid idiot you suck balls. /s

  14. stop conflating ur face with stupid stinky loser challenge (LITERALLY UNDOABLE)

  15. Jumbo is dschumbo (pronounced jumbo) but Japan is Japan (pronounced yapan) German go crazy

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