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  1. I can tell just by the pin layout, whatever cpu that is, it isn’t worth the time

  2. How does candy crush run on your 3090?

  3. No graphics card will ever convey even a fraction of the glory of The Brown Star.

  4. I didn't know Canadians thought so highly of Trump as to erect monuments to him. Learn something new every day.

  5. Nobody can. That's like saying "name one apple that isn't a fruit". An addiction is inherently unhealthy by some metric, otherwise it wouldn't be called an addiction. It would just be called a healthy routine.

  6. Comparing communist cops to American cops is just juvenile and deluded; you don’t get it. The cops over there have complete power. Sure, cops in western countries do dumb bad shit, but if you want to compare them to theses guys in Vietnam or something like Russia or even China, you must have a limited background in knowledge. These boys were super lucky

  7. We shouldn’t compare US cops to other cops around the world. The rest of the world deserves better than that.

  8. If you're upgrading to a 5000 series Ryzen then there'd be some benefit to getting the X570 over the B550. Other than that, yeah. Should just be direct swap over, plug and play, like legos.

  9. Yes had current B450 since 3600x first came out. Is there big difference between B550 and X570? Looking to buy 5700x

  10. can't remember specifically what it was the X570 does better but it's pretty much splitting hairs lol the B550 is also a solid chipset that will perform indistinguishably from most any other "higher tier" AM4 board

  11. I waited in line for 14 hours through thunderstorms to pay $1500 MSRP for my 3090 FE from Best Buy...

  12. I would have just been like "bitch you got ten seconds to get yourself outta there the same way you got in before the tazer comes out"

  13. You really see someone's true colors when you give them a badge and a gun. Once they fail this test, it's a clear indicator there's nowhere in civilized society for them. They -will- demonstrate this behavior everywhere they go and they cannot be fixed. People wanting to become law enforcement officers should be prepared to conduct the job with with a much higher standard of ethics and morals or be culled.

  14. Hol’ Up, blueprints are incorrect! They don’t specify spreading to the edges. How are these women expected to perform their duties correctly? Took me a sec to spot that hol’up, but I found it!

  15. Wash your hands real good after you jerk off with that silicone based lube. Even a little residue left on your hand will get on there and start softening and breaking down that material with the quickness

  16. GPU's prices are in a free fall right now. It might be a good time to put that money into a 4K display and some quality comfortable peripherals and scoop up a 30 series GPU sometime next year. 1650 is fine for now. Maybe get a nvme SSD if you have a motherboard that supports it. If not, get a motherboard that supports it.

  17. You took time to put a little something together to convey your beliefs. I respect that. Kudos.

  18. That’s really thick glass that contains a vacuum… even if they could break it, standing directly in front of it while doing so is fantastically stupid

  19. None of the compelling sensical arguments are flattering to God’s nature

  20. You can be a gay Muslim rabi cosmosexual cowboy drag queen priest-druid if you want. How the people around you feel about it could possibly be a factor to consider... but you -can- do it.

  21. They're separated on the end where they need to be separate. The ends that are touching share a common pad, so they could be litereally soldered together on that end and still function as intended.

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