[Official] Erling Haaland joins Manchester City

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  1. Because they have limitless money and no other striker.

  2. Black Noir should probably be right below Homelander. The Deep has the advantage of most of his bad stuff happening off-screen and before the series starts, so I think him placing high up is correct

  3. Took me an embarrassing amount of time to discover that improve relations modifiers make negative modifiers decay faster in addition to positive ones stacking quicker. Game changer

  4. Yeahh the advisor used to have the label "better relations over time" which was probably clearer about what it actually did

  5. I have an awful feeling Frenchie and/or Kimiko is going to die now...

  6. I'm guessing this sub-plot ends with Kimiko suddenly getting her powers back right right Frenchie is going to die; revealing that Soldier Boy's Care Bear Beam only temporarily gets rid of Compound V

  7. Welp, so much for the "hughie didn't take temp V, he contracted it via the wound in his hand" theory

  8. Homelander is a parody of your typical American supremacist who thinks Murica is better than every other country. Noted disdain for Muslims and Arabs who are seen as America’s sworn enemies. During his "Saving America" campaign , he was advised to change it to "Saving the World" and he went "nah, fuck that."

  9. This should be the top rated comment. He's the embodiment of American Exceptionalism. Really going to be interesting to see how his interactions with Soldier Boy go. They may team up but I think his conversation with Stormfront in s3e1 means he would never

  10. I'm surprised we've not got a glimpse of Tek-knight yet. He probably the hero mentioned most out of all the ones we haven't seen.

  11. On the "Meet the Seven" page for season 2 on Amazon, it's mentioned under Black Noir's height and weight "It changes frequently". Is this expanded anywhere? Was thinking he may secretly be a legacy hero but his personality has been consistent, as well as his peanut allergy, throughout the show

  12. Robin's death was an accident because he was high. I'm not excusing what he did to his own girlfriend but that's not nearly as bad as what the Deep has done. A-Train didnt r*pe anyone.

  13. "Sexual assault is worse than murder, manslaughter (though it probably falls under third degree murder) and attempted murder"

  14. It's the way y'all can excuse r pe for me. Sexually violating someone against their will is literally the most despicable thing a person can do. Robin's death was literally an accident, no one is excusing him or pardoning him of that but he literally was high out of his mind on Compound-V. That was literally his whole storyline in Season 1, he became Hughie's nemesis BECAUSE OF THAT. What he did to Popclaw was horrible but guess what?? He didnt r*pe her. She sold him out and he killed her to keep Vought's secrets safe. Like I said A-Train is a cocky brat and yes he has done some fucked up shit to protect Vought like all of them have but none of his mess has come close to how bad Deep is. Plus when A-Train had the chance to turn it around and redeem himself he has.. he helped Annie and Hughie at the end of S2 to take down Stormfront, he is actively trying to get Vought to stop that one Supe who is terrorizing marginalized communities.

  15. Who would you rather be in the show at the moment (season 3 episode 4 just ended)

  16. Too quiet to be Tucker Carlson imo. Maybe Chris Wallace or Sean Hannity? Or something in between

  17. I see him as a mixture of Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro.

  18. I just binged the Cameron Coleman stuff on youtube and I was totally wrong - he is absolutely Tucker Carlson

  19. The hand-cut thing convinced me ngl. I think you're right

  20. Though I don’t see any reason for it to be not him

  21. We aren't shown what he and A-Train talked about, or planned. Why not? For brevity, maybe, or mayyybe there's a twist at some point.

  22. I really thought The Deep was going through a redemption arc, but I guess his character is an example of someone who is irredeemable? Maybe he and A-Train will team up and confront the guy over-patrolling black neighbourhoods, who knows

  23. i think him as a superhero is going through a redemption arc in the vought produced media lol. but in the show he still hasn’t done like one good thing at all. except try to save the dolphin?? i have a theory he can’t talk to fish and he’s just crazy also.

  24. Yeah trueee, I've not rewatched the series, just watched them as they came out.. but now that you mention it, he's not done anything to redeem himself, he's just gone through a lot of messed up stuff that makes us feel bad for him

  25. Same; i thought Alex was going to be revealed as a villain who was obsessed with Annie or something so this episode really quashed my expectations in a good way

  26. Ngl I totally expected Alex to end up being a minor villain. Basically what A-Train did was what I thought Alex would do. Kinda nice that the guy who seemed pretty dead on ended up being pretty dead on

  27. The whole "you can't be a fan of something if you don't like it after a certain cut of point" can be debunked quite simply with: The Simpsons

  28. STV is the big reason Alliance are doing so well recently. Nationalist or Unionist, I'm sure we all know people who put SF/DUP/SDLP/UUP as 1st or 2nd, then Alliance 2nd or 3rd. If Allaince shifted from "Other" to "Unionist" for, say, the next election, they wouldn't gain any votes from unionists, and the nationalist vote would evaporate. Maybe they'd gain more 1st preference votes from Unionists? Either way it'd nuke the party.

  29. Yeah that guy was like the second comment on this and I was really confused as to why he got downvoted lol

  30. Really common misprints like these in these sets. Not worth a lot I'd imagine

  31. Probably true. Haven't looked around much but I saw a listing on ebay for £30. Plus I never sleeved this until literally today so it's crappy grade (not sure if that matters for misprints but prolly does)

  32. A cautionary tale for the likes of Mount, TAA, and Rice

  33. Calling a random German a Nazi because you disagree with him, not a great look.

  34. The context is obviously very different, but they did drop the ligue 1 title last year. Sure, didn't create any lasting change or anything like that with the immense difference in investment, but still.

  35. PSG lost the league last year and responded by signing the GOAT. If anyone else looks like challenging next season they'll sell the moon to United for Ronaldo

  36. The amount of salt in this thread is going to be lethal, but a quick reminder that you can get free upvotes if you use the words and phrases ‘disgusting’, ‘oil club’, ‘blood money’, ‘farmers league’ and ‘ruined’ as you cry about this. Also bonus points for pretending you think City signing Haaland is a reaction to them being knocked out by Real Madrid last week.

  37. I hate that this disgusting oil club can just throw blood money around after failing to do anything in the CL, turning the beautiful English top flight into a farmers' league.

  38. Do unionist parties together have a majority? Or nationalist parties?

  39. It's complicated. Alliance are a cross-community party, and they're now the third biggest party. They were Unionist but throughout the years they've shifted to the point where I know a lot of Nationalists that have them as their 2nd or 3rd vote.

  40. Someone (I think one of the Night’a Watch trainees) swears “Seven gods.” We never hear anyone swear in that particular way again - and the Faith of the Seven is very poorly fleshed out in general, he clearly came up with most of it after the first book.

  41. I think the most GRRM really goes into the faith of the seven is in Feast. Swear I I remember Brienne getting into it with a Septon about how the 7 were 7 aspects of one god, but a lot of the common people don't really get this

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