An Outlaw & His daughter

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inspired by the UE5 train station by Lorenzo Drago, I had to see if I could make something like that in Dreams on my PS5 😁

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  1. Maybe she's out of fucks to give. Seriously you all are clueless

  2. My head-canon for Batman’s killing is that it’s a recent development. A sign of how far this version has fallen into his cynicism. He stopped pulling his punches after Robin died and it just became a little easier every time. Only after the example set by Superman’s sacrifice is Bruce able to remember who he’s supposed to be. I wish the degradation of his character was more explicitly said in the film, but it is what it is. It works in my head, anyway.

  3. This. The whole point was that he lost his way. Badly. And Superman brought him back.

  4. Yeah, this post is the first ever time I’ve seen people understanding that, I’ve only ever seen people get angry after watching Batman kill.

  5. Yeah I see it a lot too. The whole point is exactly that. He wasn't supposed to be doing that way. He was offf the rails. Which is why Alfred asked him "New rules?" He was lost.

  6. Sorry you just strike me as the type of person who is very inexperienced in the world of management in 2022.

  7. Is it the subs fault that blacks attack whites way more than whites attack blacks?

  8. Definitely looking forward to the game, but assuming Manhattan is the setting again I have to wonder if that's going to feel a bit stale after having already had two games in that setting.

  9. Fair point, but sometimes I feel developers don't use the city enough. Take Arkham Knight for example.

  10. Also check background data usage is allowed for the app.

  11. Tbh i rather to be in love and getting unconditional love no matter how bad the person was. We can heal and progress in life if there was encouragement. Feel you are still a lucky guy to meet her despite her bad past relationship. Maybe you are the one of many other to be her partner, who knows. She completes you, and you complete her. That should be the beautiful order of love. If u feel have connection with her then start embracing her as she is. Nobody is perfect. If you don't feel connection and feel betrayed then better let her go. Don't bring toxic in relationship. It will destroy your mentally and exhaust your soul. Everybody deserve a second chance. You and her must believe in each other to be in happier and steady relationship.

  12. Why would she bring up her past experiences during sex with you??

  13. This is the communist rally level red flag that no one seems to have a problem with.

  14. Sure. But only one of them has so little control over himself, that he needs to control what other people say.

  15. I'm sad that you wasted your small amount of brain power and my time writing something that sounds like a bad copy paste job from a brain dead Trump email

  16. I really thought the kid was going to get slapped

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