1. “The statistics don’t support…”. Um. Okay. I guess your feelings are more important than facts.

  2. Oh, it’s not feelings. Do you have any other evidence of the status of paternal involvement impact on the community? Or are you just sticking with your feelings about a stereotype? What you are implying is based on your opinion, unless of course you are a sociologist that’s spent several years conducting research and data analysis. Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and allege your perceived white supremacy.

  3. So here's a few articles about the impact of fatherlessness on children.

  4. So did you read the contents of the two links? The first is not an article, it’s a blog post with no cited author from a blog site that is associated with some creditable donors and some not so credible donors. The second is an NPR Q&A with a fantastic author with some great insights about the long term effect of paternal involvement. But neither article provides any support to your claim that “black culture” is the result of or the catalyst of fatherless children. In fact, you Simply took your preconceived notion of “black culture” and applied it to statistics that loosely support your claim based on your bias opinion of a stereotype of people with a specific skin tone. It’s quite obvious you have a very narrow perception of American culture and a complete lack of understanding of the sociological impact on people of color associated with the history of this nation. Unfortunately, when people have such limited experience and education, they tend to cling to stereotypes and preconceived opinions. If you’d like to actually broaden your understanding of American culture and the long term impacts of our history, you should read two books. The first is White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo this will help understand why we have preconceived opinions and inaccurate feelings about people of color. Second, I recommend The Sum of Us by Heather McGhee. This is an insight into the history of African Americans and how we, as a country arrived in our current state. In addition, based on scrolling through your posts and comments, it is apparent you have experienced a limited form of educational history thanks to our public education system. It’s well known there is a limit to what can be taught in public schools due to lack of funding and time. It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility as a citizen to continue your education and How The South Won The Civil War by Heather Cox Richardson is a book that could help broaden your understanding of American political History. I sincerely hope you have a desire to better understand your fellow citizens.

  5. Just for the record, I use compostable poop bags to collect my dogs poop and it goes in the trash.

  6. Heck yeah! I used to live in a super sensitive ecosystem and neglected dog poop was the bane of my existence.

  7. Honestly, I’ve always picked it up because it sucks to step in it and I don’t want to cause anyone else the same annoyance. But now I have another reason. Thank you.

  8. My 2018 has had leaves and maple tree seeds in the cabin filter. Not sure how they get in there but I check and clean that filter with my air compressor more often than I change it.

  9. Think so? Barbie and MTG are both blonde. Boebert is neanderthal Stacie.

  10. I’m from here jackass, I’m well aware of our problems like the 100 plus billion and growing pension for government workers that rather then paying in a “surplus” of 98 billion budget free fall, continues to be ignored.

  11. Yeah, I lived in Sac for 8 years, I know California. But you’re incorrectly placing blame on the state when the real problem is the conservative Supreme Court decision in Citizens United allowing politicians to be bought. The deregulation of banks driving up the housing market and the privatization of public utilities prioritizing profit over safety and environmental longevity. Why do you stay in a state you loath, why not move to a superior republican state like Texas or Kentucky? This is America, and you are free to move.

  12. Because I got roots here asswipe, you move. You’re probably some transplant anyway.

  13. See, your understanding of historical American politics and legislation is lacking. That’s why you are so easily influenced by the talking heads. Your roots are causing your misery. You’re so scared of change the you are projecting your own failures. Perhaps you should see a therapist and spend some time doing yoga or reading. You really seem awfully angry for living in the most sought after state.

  14. Philanthropy. If you're a millionaire, I can guarantee that there's more than one way to contribute to the poor without being forced to via taxes.

  15. And some do. It’s the rest that don’t that are the problem with relying on “good will” philanthropy. Narcissistic billionaires have no empathy to drive philanthropy. This is why the wealthiest lobby for tax breaks and tax reductions.

  16. So what is the standard here? Is it that stereotypes are NEVER allowed no matter what the context? Like if I have a scientific lecture on primates and their relationship to humans, I can use no pictures of black humans?

  17. You should read the book White Fragility and then read The Sum of Us. Perhaps then you might understand there is NO context that this image is acceptable given 200 years of slavery, racist Jim Crow laws, oppression, and systemic inequities. Show some fucking empathy.

  18. L Fucking Catholics… rotten eggs in the donation plate might send a message. If I were Pelosi(wow that’s awkward) I’d call his bluff and ask who made him god.

  19. I worked at a drugstore in the states when I was a teenager. We had about 15 pounds of “fun-size” candy bars beyond its expiration date. I dutifully emptied each retail bag of individually wrapped candy into a fresh garbage bag, then took it out to the dumpster where I set it behind said dumpster. We had candy for months…

  20. Or… trump supporters should just move to a country that supports their beliefs. I’m not sure which is a better fit though, Russia, N. Korea, Afghanistan….

  21. Call her Pocahontas, Sacagawea or Nanye-hi all you like but I will never for the life of me understand why this woman was not the Democratic nominee in 2020.

  22. Without calling her out by name, the book “Hate Inc.” explains how we ended up where we are.

  23. There’s a concept conservatives fail to understand or benefit from, learning from mistakes and changing to better ones self. I’m not apologizing for or defending Biden, but he has publicly confessed to, apologized for and taken steps to correct his errors of poor judgment. When was the last time ANY republican, let alone trump, done this? These two occupants of the Oval Office may both be piss poor Presidents, but they are not the same.

  24. Your entire statement is maga propaganda. the left hasn’t changed or shifted, take for example Bernie Sanders, he’s been fighting the same fight since the 60’s. Are there more people shifting to the left, yes. But the republicans have shifted further right, for example, the shift to conservative authoritarian rule under trump. Republicans literally stormed the capital in an attempt to install their chosen leader after a fair election proved the majority of Americans chose a different democratic leader. Let us not forget about the hard right turn of embracing extreme evangelical Christians and taking up conservative views never held by mainstream republicans like using the federal government to suppress human rights. The Republican Party has used conspiracies to influence the undereducated into a cult. Take for example the Qanon conspiracies espoused by Rep. Greene, Gatez and Boebert and the “great replacement theory” spread by Republican law makers and right wing media that lead to several minority mass murders.

  25. I use them for slug traps in the garden. Push one down into soft dirt and add cheep beer. The slugs crawl in and drown instead of eating my plants.

  26. Based on the comment, English must not be the family member’s first language, and based in their cherry picking passages while ignoring the rest tells me they can’t read very well either.

  27. Typical anyone who values their time. Do you honestly think what you wrote is worth reading? That it adds anything? That anyone really cares, will remember, or will be impacted by what you wrote? You get like two sentences to make it entertaining enough to engage with you, that verbal vomit failed that test.

  28. This is why republican voters fall for propaganda. Too lazy to do the work.

  29. I'm sorry, the party of "blue no matter who" is the one of high moral integrity. Come now.

  30. Indeed. And you think the party of “rights for me but not for thee” is?

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