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  1. I have always wanted someone to make a film about Lennon's Lost Weekend. He literally attempted to murder a woman.

  2. People don't mention that Ringo was as much of, if not a worse alcoholic and domestic abuser. Not that its a competition but I think ppl talk about Lennon's dark side more bc of his outspokeness/controversial views at the time while Ringo went full commercial/family friendly

  3. Lennon was a stay at home father and sober from hard drugs the last 5 years of his life. Not saying he was perfect by any means btw

  4. Call me crazy, but grab that f****** collar and as you're pulling the dog off the chair you say "no, down."

  5. someone with some common fucking sense. You don't let a toothed animal remain violent and dominant in your own home for chrissakes

  6. I like your options, but I would definitely hope to see the Bills go after a much more significant talent at wr2, and call me crazy, but I want Beasley back as well.

  7. We would be stupid not to have Beasley back, but again we've been pretty stupid lately so who knows

  8. It won’t last so much I want these Bills fans to stop acting like we like them now.

  9. I don't care if the fans don't like the Bills but the Chiefs are so chill its hard to hate them I even thought this last season

  10. Bills fan, honestly I hated the chiefs just bc they beat us 2 years ago, but honestly even last year I began liking and appreciating the team so much. They're a truly great classy team with classy fans who have nothing to prove since they already won a SB and continue to be great contenders.

  11. Losing to the Bengals actually makes me appreciate losing to the Chiefs. Chiefs fans/teams were way more humble and graceful in victory, despite actually having done more. I look forward to the Bengals crashing and burning.

  12. Bengals have as much to prove as we do lmao. Chiefs have nothing to prove

  13. I'm saying this again as a person living in a third world country- STOP GLORIFYING POVERTY AND BAD WORKING CONDITIONS.

  14. I said this in a thread yesterday but I'll say it again - KNOW IT ALL COMMENTS FORMATTED LIKE THIS ARE EXTREMELY FUCKING ANNOYING.

  15. But you formatted your comment like that too, so I guess I should be ignoring your comment too?

  16. dude im drunk as fuck rn i dont even care anymore its a cool vid of a guy lifting heavy ass shit just watch it and enjoy it

  17. You know it could also be the floor for mahomes since he’s been the starter has been the AFCCG,

  18. 7 year olds don’t need phones. Phones rot children’s brains

  19. Both of Allen’s significant injuries (only one where he missed games, to be fair) occurred inside the pocket and impacted his elbow

  20. Well, he did miss a few games from running headfirst into some patriots linebackers his rookie year

  21. Lmao, whose narrative is he trolling? They're the ones that use heaters in 55 degree weather

  22. I'll put it this way, I don't know how anyone could work out consistently in alumni. Its good if you like standing around and waiting in a big crowded room with little/bad equipment

  23. Yeah this sub struggles to understand the “work hard, play hard” concept.

  24. not typically a fan of Live trax mixes, they all use way too much pitch correction. Although they have released some awesome shows

  25. Absolutely. I guess its objective how much is "too much," I understand tuning the vocals is a standard practice and can be done very well, but yeah sometime's dave's voice sounds like T-Pain

  26. Hell, 40 degrees (no wind) is shorts weather for most people in buffalo

  27. People are saying he's not a technically good singer. He definitely became one later in his career. The 70s up to early 80s he was not a technically good singer at all, but around the time BITUSA came out he really honed in his voice and was doing things a lot of male singers can't do. Around 2000 was when his voice really peaked and he became a truly amazing, technically gifted singer, objectively. Nowadays, idk his voice is pretty good for an older man, its weird to criticize male vocalists after the age of like 65 imo lol

  28. Dorsey is like when Daboll would get really cute and annoying once and awhile, but 100% of the time

  29. Sure you mean when artists use old songs in creative new ways instead of just playing the track and repeating the 1 downbeat in the verses? Yeah thats been happening for 35+ years. The only melodically interesting part of Kanye's beat is when he plays the track straight through lmao. Most uninspired soul-sampled beat I've heard from a mainstream artist in awhile.

  30. This fucking dude can still chop up the soul like no other. Not saying I’ll forgive him, but a fully released Good Ass Job would go a long way just saying 🤷‍♂️

  31. There's a crazy thing called actually listening to the original song, doesn't have a nazi psychopath rapping over it. Or rather, listening to songs that have beats sampling old soul songs anytime from the 80s- present. its nothing new and has been done extremely well and better than this, including by kanye himself lol.

  32. "'Someday we'll all be free - Donny Hathaway' - Kanye West"

  33. Not going to hold grudges but technology fucked me today. I was logged in through the axs app. I got two tickets. When it redirected me to the website to input my payment information it required me to log in and then it said my password was incorrect. I was using the same password as I have for the app.

  34. Its gonna be so lit. I have a feeling Goose is gonna be like Dead and Co or DMB only playing huge stadiums w like $150 tickets for 200s levels sooner rather than later. No fault of the band just the way it is

  35. "haha look at the map that's just objectively wrong, let's talk about it!?"

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