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  1. He's intelligent, I know that seems like cowardice to idiots though. Better than the whelping that keeps starting wars and getting people killed

  2. Idk, if the aspects are the leaders of their flights, charged with protecting the planet. I'd rather have the guy who tried to protect the planet, even if he fucked up some parts, and over performed others, than the guy who hid on another planet while ours was getting blasted

  3. There's a serious flaw in the 'Wrathion tried to protect Azeroth' thing though, and that's that he really didn't.

  4. His goal was/is to protect azeroth, regardless if it is right or wrong. If it meant taking out one faction, then whatever. Which sounds like the mindset of someone say, less than 10 years old lol

  5. Do you have any experience/knowledge/source for the claim you’re making?

  6. I can confirm I work with a lot of Ex-spacex/Tesla engineers who complained about the expectation of 10-12hr days being normal, as well as being available at home.

  7. With you. I feel left out because I see all these people talking about how awesome Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring are...I got Bloodborne as a Christmas present, played for like 5 hours over 2 weeks, and never picked it back up. I want to like these games (Sekiro really had my interest until I found out it was another brutally difficult game made by FromSoftware)...but I know I have neither the talent nor the time to "git gud" enough to make them enjoyable to me.

  8. If it makes you feel any better. Elden ring is the only fromsoft game I enjoy and bothered to get good enough to beat.

  9. I've used it twice, once to setup the phone, and the 2nd to valet

  10. Yeah, we don’t use it much either but it’s still an option

  11. Depends on my mood. Answer A. Tell them I don't want to hear it. Or B. Ask them to explain their talking points more and more in depth until they realize they don't actually hold hard values, they just like the be angry and hateful.

  12. What the fuck have I been speaking all these years then......

  13. Depends on how long it takes for me to get tired of getting no mount drops from farming old raids

  14. My advice for if you use a boost is to just copy the wowhead guide talents over, empty your action bars, then look at the wowhead rotation and add those abilities to your action bars.

  15. I delivered pizzas right out if high-school (only 10 years ago, GPS was a thing lol) and after a month or so, I could navigate basically anywhere In town with an address.

  16. Now I want to know why the 30 employees out of 330 didn't become millionaires.

  17. They declined the stock share I believe. He talked about it on one of the random shark tank episodes I watched the other day

  18. Story mode. You take 99% reduced damage, just so you can enjoy the story.

  19. It's hilarious. Every patch ir expansion there's always at least one forum post.

  20. I'm waiting on a few more expansions. Saving up my free game time.

  21. Lol I was running my new buddy thru some SL dungeons on my fairly geared DH. So I was doing roughly 8x the damage of the next guy, basically soloing the dungeon.

  22. Woah, woah. Never work at AWS. Amazon is so far cool in the 8mo I've been around.

  23. Stock incentive does not exist for warehouse employees anymore, nor does vcp.

  24. I enjoy watching him fight from a skill point of view, not an exciting fight pov.

  25. Please be patient. We're going to double down on LoL.

  26. If you fuck my hope again, I'm giving my TSMFTX plates to a TL staff member.

  27. If you can get a pass, there's a Columbia employee store in Carlsbad. Also has Prana and a couple others

  28. I have friends working next door and snag extra passes all the time lol

  29. <3 Profar. Wishing him the best of luck going forward. He was my favorite player in his time here... his smile, engaging with the fans (both for and against him). He was a gamer.

  30. I got a cheap jersey lady if you want it

  31. Legit jerseys? I like to buy from the main website to give them the tiny kickback. Support or something like that

  32. 3 just looks like the bowl was attached backwards lol maybe they're onto something.

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