1. What does the bonus on the social science lab actually do? "+1 strength to our successful Public Campaign Missions." Even maxed out it doesn't really seem to have a noticeable impact on what percent of the public I get.

  2. I COULD HAVE KNOWN THAT THE WHOLE TIME!! I've been playing this game for a year and didn't know that

  3. They added the ability to use sheet ropes for this this in a patch a few months ago (February?). Before that you had to loot Rope ropes.

  4. It depends on age. Women are more expensive in ages 18-60 or so, but Men are more expensive at age 60+

  5. I'm not entirely sure how it follows that a cooperative (an organization formed for the benefits of its members) would necessarily put the interests of the community above the interests of its owner-members.

  6. Lower Wacker Drive is not the bottom, there is in fact a Lower Lower Wacker Drive. People in the know claim is that there is a Top Secret Lower Lower Lower Wacker Drive beneath that one, and so on. It's Wackers all the way down.

  7. There is a lower lower wacker. That's where the auto pound is.

  8. Interesting that the negative reviews are being posted - this is rated 92% on RT.

  9. According to rotten tomatoes this IS a positive review. It's pretty mixed but I can see that.

  10. Maybe there is more to the story? How would the cap work? Who would provide the insulin for the low price?

  11. It was an insurance regulation not a "price of the drug" cap. It simply capped member copays on insulin. So the insurance company bears the immediate cost, and over the longer term the economic burden would fall on insurance plan members and employers via increased premiums.

  12. That bungalow was the most common style of house built in the 1910s-1930s in Chicago. You would have much better luck checking census records than trying to figure out location from this picture.

  13. Personally I feel like it’s just a money grab but that’s me. I’m not saying it’ll be bad or anything, just seems a bit silly is all.

  14. It is normal to charge a higher rate for covering family members. For example the company might charge you $10 for yourself, $25 for you + kids, $30 for you + spouse, $50 for family. There's no discrimination there. The way they are lowering his wages to cover it is not appropriate though IMO.

  15. Not a lawyer, but it's only normal as part of a section 125 plan (which is almost always what health insurance plans are). If they just reduced his wage rather than offered a choice between wages and pre-tax deductions, that's not a normal section 125 plan and it's very possible that it doesn't fall under the normal exemptions from discrimination law. I would not conclude one way or the other on if this is legal or not.

  16. "Every Citizen is entitled to vote" doesn't mean "No non citizen is entitled to vote". Did he not study logic? I am not a lawyer but I am something of a logician.

  17. That's not the only place in that article of the NY constitution that specifically mentions citizens.

  18. I think it's pretty likely that any court (even this one) would make a distinction between compulsory sterilization and a right to choose to undergo sterilization.

  19. Maybe? With no broad right to privacy states/congress would probably be allowed to put additional restrictions on when you are able to get medical procedures. This decision certainly weakens the argument against it.

  20. I think that was part of the logic (either in arguments or the decision). The cap for repaying candidate loans is meant to stop corruption/influence, but by being capped, it means corruption/influence is more likely.

  21. I'm not following how the $2,900 individual contribution cap or the $250k loan repayment cap from this case made corruption more likely. Can you clarify or rephrase?

  22. Candidate, as the loan provider, gets to charge interest. They could loan their campaign $1,000,000 and charge 25% interest. With no cap on the value of repayment or time limit on being able to pay back the loan, the candidate can effectively keep the loan active for years -- as my understanding that the 20-day post-election limit has also been voided and now the loans would have no deadline for repayment.

  23. I agree. I was asking that poster why he thought the existence of the now-unconstitutional $250K cap made corruption more likely, as opposed to the example that you laid out where the cap helps to prevent that type of corruption.

  24. Is this what he's proposing that Congress pass into law, or is this something that he's doing as head of the Executive Branch?

  25. Both. Some pieces are administrative actions, some are part of proposed laws. If you read the press brief it's pretty easy to follow which is which.

  26. What exactly is he doing as AAs? Because I hold zero hope for Congress doing anything.

  27. For one, including land use and density in EDA priorities when evaluating project applications.

  28. I’m struggling with the 1% increase in risk over 30 year equating to 26%

  29. This move doesn't appear to make it easier to close an existing underperforming charter school (and being able to close the bad schools is a key benefit of charters).

  30. Why is practically the whole southwest side zoned single family? I've been looking for an apartment but I really don't want a ground floor unit.

  31. Looking at current zoning is not usually a big help for this purpose. Most of the multifamily housing was built before the zoning codes were revised, or received a zoning variance. A lot of north side multifamily housing is similar.

  32. I don’t understand very well, I’ll be honest. That’s why this is one topic I don’t debate on. Lol

  33. The first step is to define the problem. If your ultimate goal is to (e.g.) convince your wife that your kids will be safe on a trampoline, then saying that the rate of injury is lower than windsurfing or skateboarding or skydiving is absolutely not going to help your position, unless those are activities that were previously allowed.

  34. This is not “life expectancy at birth”. It is life expectancy as yearly averages for those alive in any recorded year, or the average age at death for everyone that died that year.

  35. "Life expectancy at birth" is the correct and standard name of the statistic, but I agree it's a bad name for it.

  36. They didn't claim there was no plan to re-release at all. The tweet very specifically states:

  37. I was merely pointing out that it is the immediacy of the further releases is an additional, important component to the complaint beyond what was listed in your question.

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