1. I used to go to Pointfest all the time in high school/college, and it was sad to see it mainly become a repetitive aggro festival that just rotated Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Seether, Shinedown, etc for awhile. I don't think it's ever really gotten back to its former glory, but this is one of its better recent lineups. (The last great one I remember was headlined by Offspring, Queens of the Stone Age, and AFI, but I think that was 10 years ago.)

  2. DUDE. you literally said everything ive thought about point fest for the last decade plus (including listing the exact bands i complain about them continually booking, haha). The QOTSA/offspring one was sick, and the only great year since that one had an awesome side stage of highly suspect, meg myers, flogging molly .

  3. i think the breeders are very possible. tegan and sara could fill out the softer side of the riot line up. and i missed Joey V & brae last year to see linda lindas , so id be pumped for them to return.

  4. Hrm, so for me, being distinctively STL, it would be:

  5. I like to cram burnt ends into the popover and make a magical bbq burrito

  6. Im debating this same thing for early may. i want to go early to OM, like 10 am, so we can be some of the first ones in and explore with less people around, but i also want to do the evening distillery tour, so i have to sorta pick one or the other... anyone who has been to both distillery shows - how do the early show (with magicians) and the the evening show (with the more cirque style performers) compare? i know the early show is significantly cheaper, so does that mean its not nearly as interesting?

  7. Big fan of China One in maryland heights near dorsett & 270

  8. still tied for the best top to bottom club show ive ever seen was Thursday headlining, thrice as middle, and coheed opening back in 04ish (tied with finch/the used/the movielife/MCR)

  9. I picked up on the camera really hanging on that ball in the slingshot but thought it was just going to roll off to show how bad their luck was. I was kinda right but still so wrong, holy smokes, did not see that coming

  10. I think it could be because it was hanging on the edge like that, instead of tucked into the center, it threw off the weight distribution once she released so the sling shot pocket sorta flipped upside down, kept the ball in it and it fired back at her on the SnapBack, but you’d really have to go frame by frame to see for sure

  11. the bands i always see live but dont actively listen to are GWAR & Gogol Bordello,

  12. ive always hoped for this tour, man-o-man am i pumped. after seeing this, i will have seen my 3 favorite post-hardcore albums played in entirety, and that brings me joy (the other two being finch's what it is to burn back on their 10 year tour, and glassjaw doing worship and tribute at riot 19.)

  13. people shit on S9 Andy all the time, and while mostly deserved, the mini arc of him going viral for all the wrong reasons on the singing show immediately followed by him not being able to handle internet comments after the documentary trailer came out was one of the most perfect things to happen to that character. Andy + dealing with the internet was a match made in heaven.

  14. Rob zombie, Alice Cooper, ministry and Filter are set to announce a tour this week, curious to see if it has a Chicago date

  15. Yes it allegedly the 2nd year for rob zombies ‘freaks on parade’

  16. Sami can somehow give meandering while also getting straight to the point answers at the same time, it’s unique and I love listening to him

  17. i dont know OP's age but its not uncommon for younger people to be unaware of an album name from 40 years ago. sure they might know the police and a few of the hits, but album names can still be a little obscure especially the older they get.

  18. I think that if Any time they are going to blame not liking an episode on ‘bad writing’ they need to do the right thing and invite these writers on to defend/explain the choices… now that might be hard as I’m sure a lot of thought processes of each specific episode are long forgotten but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when these 3 famous actors are like ‘no, it’s certainly not us or anyone from our line of work, it’s the writers who ruined this one”.

  19. I feel like they overanalyze the inclusion of some of the obscure references and how kids wouldn't understand them.

  20. yea it seems they are setting themselves up for disappointment and a long road if they are expecting high art craftsman every episode. dumb, silly fun is just as legit a form of storytelling

  21. Other than Sami and The Bloodline, this is the best storyline they have going.

  22. Didn’t even know this series existed and now I just watched every ep. These 3 are gold and I hope once the usos reign is over these guys get a serious look (while still being hilarious) it’s hard to walk the line of being able to be consistently funny while being legit threats but they could do it

  23. This rollout has been wild. Comments are brutal on all Bamboozle socials. That being said, I’m going to this and stoked. This was my first ever festival a decade ago. Undercard with Riot potential: Scowl, End It, Mindforce, Saosin w Anthony Green, Callous Daoboys. Wouod also like to see Say Anything and The Garden back at Riot.

  24. Finch has gotta be a possible crossover!

  25. puddles pity party would be awesome, especially if he did a riotfest-band themed set

  26. Why is there such a long segment about the paperclip trade guy

  27. because its the basis for dwights entire storyline and some people maybe didnt know it was based on something real.

  28. Conor McGregor seems to have dedicated gaggle of lunatics no matter how many times he loses inside or outside the octagon (or ring)

  29. They’re playing at a university’s “small” basketball arena in St. Louis and I am honestly stoked about it. But to OP’s point, there are still plenty of tickets left even for a smaller venue. These prices are insane. I’m embarrassed to say how much I spent to be in the first few rows of the lower bowl.

  30. im going to the STL show too and while hyped as hell, thinking about them in the next step down at STL music park, or the factory instead would be siiiick

  31. I think Toby Thursdays are very interesting threads. A good mix of genuinely valid criticism of The Office, of the podcast, but also unfortunately with a sprinkle of genuinely bad faith criticism sprinkled in.

  32. I don’t think she was texting Billie to ask if she knew who Justin Bieber was, she was going to text her to ask if Billie thought Justice Beaver was a real thing as if that were another fake fact she absorbed from watching the office like the ‘u2 being from Scranton’ thing

  33. The first one to pop on my head and the one I’ve relistened to the most is Bobby m’s first Batman appearance with Paul f.

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