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On Black Friday 2008, 34 yr old Walmart employee, Jdimytai Damour, was asked by his employer to use his 6’5 body as a barrier for a crowd of over 2,000 people. He died that day after being trampled by the crowd. The shoppers did not concerned about his death, and even complained of waiting too long.

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  1. Loved the show, everything was great, but did it not feel like it ended a little too quick? Like they had another season in them but it got cut so they wrapped things up in 3 episodes?

  2. that’s my gripe with the show. i think it definitely needed more content, which is what the books are far i suppose but it’s still disappointing to not get more seasons.

  3. All you ever hear from TS fans are how “authentic and relatable” she is. Most of them are guaranteed middle or working class.

  4. does writing fiction make someone inauthentic? screw authors i guess

  5. Any given work of fiction has some basis in reality- Ancient Greece and Rome are particular favorites that I’ve seen used in books and comics. And fictional authors don’t pretend like any of the magic systems or alchemy formulas or potion recipes in their books or comics can actually exist in real life.

  6. Except all that you said does nothing to disprove the rhetorical device of sarcasm. She is being sarcastic, and even more importantly she isn’t even speaking from a serious tone in this song. If you knew better than to feed into outrage porn, you’d use your brain to realize that not everything needs to be in prose.

  7. Yet you find it funny enough to further spread this video? Do you think the kid would want this?

  8. Do you think it's okay to keep humiliating kids as long as they are not traumatized for life?

  9. are you actually in touch with reality? you’re taking one instance, assuming the context, and projecting whatever messed up childhood problems you had onto it. this in no way is humiliating the child for who he is and is a rather inoffensive JOKE that would only traumatize someone as dense as you.

  10. What a fucking stupid caption. The trampling part is true. Everything after that is stupid bullshit. The shoppers didn’t care and complained about waiting too long? Did they all get interviewed right away? I’ve been Black Friday shopping every year for years before Covid killed it. This story is utter stupidity meant to make people hate other people.

  11. Ah the irony of this comment. You're talking shit about them, talking about how you're better than them, and talking about how you hate them. Half the country. How can you not see it? Both sides are exactly the same. Look at this thread, it's nothing but hatred of anyone who doesn't vote the same way as you.

  12. Together Again by Janet Jackson - I can't really get my head around her other stuff, which is odd because people say she is a major influence on some of my favorite artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

  13. I’m aware you don’t, and I’m criticizing you for not knowing how to fix that. I’m aware as well that this is me being petty; however I think it’s more justified in this case.

  14. It’s not really justified. Reddit’s search function is dogshit. Asking a question on a forum literally created for discussion is completely reasonable. Perhaps take a day to yourself to rest - maybe the stress of school and all is making you a bit harsh.

  15. I’m actually fine. It may not be the simplest search engine in the world, but typing “buses strike” isn’t that difficult, and that’s only if you haven’t been paying attention to the strike that’s been affecting on-campus life for the past two weeks.

  16. there was that one road bump where he cheated on his wife and his nudes from that leaked

  17. I’m really trying but I just don’t think any of these songs click like Titanic Rising’s did.

  18. lol is that the one that’s been in gandhi for the past few days

  19. Everything Pitchfork does, like most music review websites, is calculated and always has an agenda behind it. It's naive to think "Divide" just happened to get a 2.8 out of genuine distaste when most 'safe' pop albums have had significantly more respectable scores. Even Maroon 5's weakest efforts still got higher than 4.5.

  20. dude i HATE megan mcnamara she's is prob the worst prof in the sociology department she's so problematic idk how she even still has a job. sorry about the graphic content, I've never heard of a prof showing some without warning and/or telling students they don't have to look if they don't want to

  21. Can you elaborate on your experiences? I'm curious. But yeah I'll remember.

  22. in general she was very weird. was oddly obsessed with talking about how she’s polyam. was insistent that she was lgbt bc she’s polyam despite being cishet. i had her for socy 1 and we went over basic lgbt terminology and half the shit she said was just wrong. she thought that androgynous was an offense term for example. was really dismissive and defensive when lgbt students told her she was wrong (about their own damn community smh). from a personal slight she told me my hairstyle was a political statement (i’m just fem presenting with short hair it’s jsut a haircut).

  23. omg noooo 😭 i get those vibes from her sometimes in class. she’ll tell all of us (poc) that saying something is “ethnic” is offensive which i guess makes sense but when i say something is ethnic i usually just mean that it’s good in a non-american way 💀 also she still goes by “woman-identified, AFAB, white, middle-class, a 4th-generation college graduate, non-disabled, non-monogamous, heteroflexible, and cis-gender” which is really just cis white woman

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