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  1. Trans mfs explaining why they chose Winter or Maribeth and not something cool like Sniper or Big Boss

  2. Jolyne ended up walking in the cold November rain

  3. She’s been through this such a long long time just trying to kill the pain

  4. My love for RPGs is a problem, it really is. So many and they all take so long. Such a big time sink

  5. Have you played Dragon Quest 11? An absolutely legendary RPG

  6. I think the opposite. We all know Peak Link is way way stronger than even probably EOG Link (debatable, maybe samish level). If the monks are THAT strong, when they are trying to bring back Link's strength back to their normal levels, then imagine how strong was Peak Link. (didn't Link fought lynels and moblins in that one memory singlehandedly)

  7. Lore accurate link is just one of those BoTW pros who combo guardians into space

  8. He used Hermit Purple on a purah pad to produce an image of Ganondorf

  9. ‘I love the kind of woman who will actually just kill me’

  10. There has never been or will be any protagonist as chivalrous or brave as the first JoJo.

  11. As far as dubs go JoJo’s English one is pretty damn good

  12. Dio’s brand new kicks can even rival Jotaro’s 20,000 yen pants!

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