1. Blue-,eyes trap fusion is super fun and multi dimensional. Utilizing king of the swamp and trap trick you tend to go for the big fusion boss monsters with some synchro and rank 8 utility for going first disruptions.

  2. Keeping in mind that my that deckbuilding experience is a result of playing various tcgs, not just yugioh, for 15+ years it has essentially resulted in a process that is fairly cookie cutter among most games.

  3. Pure Fusion Blue-Eyes with trap trick trap mini engine

  4. We don't get this kind of collector's edition in English though do we?

  5. Galaxy/Photons & Blue-Eyes Traps. Fur Hire too but that'll be post dark wing blast

  6. I'm not sure if it's considered rogue but definitely Buster Blader. The lock is pretty consistent even without an optimal extra deck.

  7. I had not ~ thank you for linking it to Me. Even though it is not the build I am going for, it has given me insight into what I can potentially cut for a few more traps.

  8. The video’s a little old. Anaconda’s banned now

  9. Any particular reason you would advise against the idea?

  10. Honestly for locals I’d say just go for it. Playing at locals will be the best way to learn how well it can do, and what might need improvement. Given the current Meta it might be hard to top with fur hires and a budget extra deck, but it will certainly help you learn what to improve for next time. I’d just go in with the mindset of trying to have fun and learn. There’s somebody that plays fur hire at my locals every now and then and they can be wild

  11. Yeah, that's totally fair. I attended my first locals, after about a decade, yesterday and my Buster Blader deck took a beating but honestly it was my own fault as I forgot how to fully combo off. Got a few wins though after I heated up.

  12. You can activate all of the above the very moment your opponent draws a card for their turn as long as you can actually activate their effects. And no. Buster Dragon and all of the buster blader monsters cannot be saved by prologues grave effect.

  13. That is really helpful thank you very much.

  14. Yes, you can activate trap effects in grave on your opponent's turn. Prologue does not protect Buster Dragon nor the fusion. Buster Blader the Destruction Swordmaster is treated as Buster Blader while on the field so it won't protect him either. It only protects Whelps and the Destruction Sword equips.

  15. Oh, interesting I was not aware of that. Thank you for the tipbit ^^

  16. You only pay the cost for Normal summoning Units. Special summons are free.

  17. Hi and thnx so much for the fast reply. Since i might have somebody to show TCG to for the 1st time very soon and to avoid any heated debate with him:

  18. I'd check gateruler.eu the website has way more resources and is actually kept up to date compared to the NA one. Non foiled rulers are pretty common but it's luck based if you pull one. Luckily the game allows (officially) for players to print their own rulers i.e. proxies are tournament legal. I've made several customs myself :)

  19. Best trial deck we ever got. Get two and it's a decent Time Dragon deck.

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