1. I didn’t realize Gemini was masculine energy but it explains ALOT!!! I’ve been told by numerous boyfriends that I have a masculine energy more so than a feminine one. I just thought I’m a strong willed woman 😅

  2. Thank you everyone for replying! I’m loving the comments! I think my Scorpio can get frustrated with my Gemini brain and lack of attention at times 😅 Thank goodness he is patient!!

  3. As a Scorpio dating another Scorpio, sometimes it’s so annoying like I wish I was oblivious at times hahaha.

  4. OMG! Yes when he gets in a mood I def know, sometimes his stinger comes out and makes me wanna curl up into a ball but I just flow with it.

  5. Haha! Love the energy! I find that I want to find love and be in a happy fulfilling relationship but get nervous about commitment and it’s confusing for me. If any of that makes sense.

  6. Geminis ain’t shit us scorpios need to stay away from them 😂

  7. Hahaha! No why do you say that? I’m a Gemini and my partner is a Scorpio and he is amazing!

  8. It’s new and you’re already feeling like you have to compensate for putting your boundaries in place? Uh ah not in 2022 scorpio!

  9. Just gotta say loved the comment about ‘Geminis are…very interesting energies. They can flirt with a wall outlet’ had me laughing out loud!! Very true!

  10. I’m not surprised that your Gemini appeared ‘busy’ when you said you were busy with your hobby and wanted to rest. I am a Gemini Sun/Moon/Venus and my partner is a Scorpio. When they need alone time I took it the wrong way to start with, for some reason it hurts the Gemini ego. That being said, hold your ground as it’s early days and you are working through your emotions. My Scorpio was open and honest with how they were feeling and that worked for us. Maybe just letting your Gem know you are keen but want to take it slow and see how she reacts. We can def be flighty and I’ve certainly mistook my Scorpios actions as potential rejection so communication is Key!

  11. I’m not a Scorpio and want to ask when you meet someone who makes you feel unconditionally loved what does that feel like to you? Is it like winning the lottery?

  12. 🥹 if he’s doing all the planning, if he makes sure it’s getting done omg he’s serious. I’ve never dated a Scorpio but both my dad and step dad are Scorpios. One wasn’t in my life but my step dad Scorpio married my mom with 4 kids. 4 kids! A provider and a man to get things done. He’s definitely the kind of man I wish to have in my life one day!

  13. I do feel very lucky to have met him and have him in my life ☺️

  14. I’m a Gemini woman. When I’m single I’m a massive flirt and when I was younger it was def a sport and I fucked around a lot. I still like having small crushes but they change so frequently it’s hard to keep up lol. In a relationship though I’m solid, as long as I am happy.

  15. I'm reading all these comments about how they would never cheat and i think they believe it rn because when we love someone we love hard but when push comes to shove I could quite easily cheat on the love of my life with someone I couldn't care less about because I know where my heart lays. (but id still expect absolute loyalty & trust from my girlfriend) lmao

  16. Wow! Thanks for your honesty and I guess everyone is different. It is double standards though. Wouldn’t you feel guilty for cheating on the love of your life?

  17. It's double standards but I know that if I had sex with someone there is no emotional attachment but if my girl cheated on me I'd automatically assume she is in love with that person & I'd only feel guilty if I developed feelings for someone else and cheated tbh

  18. That’s the current crossroad that I am facing, multiple individuals. Receiving the attention that I desire is hard to achieve. Love wise, plenty of that. But, not FEELING it everyday like us scorpios deserve. We are extremely loving individuals. We will bend over backward to prove our love, devotion and loyalty.

  19. What do you mean by receiving the attention you desire is hard to achieve? I’m not a Scorpio but my partner is and he can be hard to work out. I devote a lot of my attention to him, sometimes I think it’s too much but I also think he secretly loves it.

  20. Thank you so much for your response. Ok cool, sometimes I’m unsure if I am too intense for him lol. We are both in love and in a committed relationship and me being a Gemini I want to shout it from the rooftops but my partner is more reserved. I must say sometimes I have felt that it has, at times, been one sided but I’ve addressed this with him. If I have a need that isn’t being met and I communicate that he will do what he can to address it. Also it’s as though you guys have a sixth sense and sometimes it feels like he can read my mind. We def have different communication styles but we are getting there. I’m just very verbally expressive with how I am feeling and I follow through with actions. My attention can wander though and i am forgetful because of this. I know this is a sore point and something I am trying to address. I’ve read a lot about Scorpios being extremely loyal once they have committed to their person. Is that something you would agree with?

  21. We’re honest but we also hold a lot back though. And when it comes to someone we’re romantically involved….there will be a lot held back. Either cause we don’t want to fall first/harder, cause we don’t want to come off too strong…blah. Guarding ourselves.

  22. My Scorpio came on quite strong and intense and I loved it!!! I’m wondering now if he was holding back at all lol. I feel like his walls are slowly coming down with me. I make sure I’m consistent with him and ensure he knows how much I love him. Honesty and transparency is very important to me but damn I can feel like he hasn’t revealed all to me and as a Gemini it makes me insanely curious! 😅

  23. Yes, I meet my partner playing DayZ. We met by chance and he helped me and my friend around the map of this new server we had found and haven’t gone one day without talking ever since. We are meeting for the first time in less than a week ☺️

  24. I have also noticed this about myself recently. Not that I’ve forgotten about it. But I think of something more important and hilarious or something then a few hours later I’m overthinking about the reason I was upset

  25. Definitely a Gemini thing. It's the whole dual personality gig. I find myself doing that often, my light side is pretty easygoing and easily distracted to move on to brighter things if there's an opportunity... but it's the dark side that creeps up later, in the middle of the night, that makes you think and rethink why you were mad....and then you just stew on it.

  26. OMG! So exciting!!! I’m seeing my partner for the first time in just over a week. Going from Brissy to Sydney for transit to US! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  27. I think one way is to keep yourself busy so you have less time for such thoughts. I think there are some things we just can't control in life. For example, if our partner will be faithful to us. Now since your partner hasn't cheated you can't really do anything about it. If something like that happens in the future, you can deal with it then. But being anxious now is reducing the quality of your life now.

  28. Thank you! This is amazing advice! I’ll work hard on this. I just want these thoughts out of my mind. I have tried talking to my partner about it but he got mad and upset with me, I can see his side as it would show lack of trust but I was looking for reassurance to help build in the foundation we already have whilst I work on my issues. Thank you again for replying to me.

  29. Can I ask if you had any other tips for curbing the jealousy? I guess because my partner and I meeting online gaming and that’s what he does with a lot of his time so I get nervous he will meet someone else but I know that’s just my self esteem and past relationship insecurities but I can’t seem to get out of my head 😢

  30. Im flattered 😄 love that! If you dont know, there is 7 levels to a scorpio as the only sign which is levelling up in the zodiac sense. 7 symbols of a scorpio. Google it. Communication will never be fully good, there will always be secrets. Nomatter what. Just saying. But yeah it takes time for us to open up, its all about loyalty. And for the loving god never betray that. Get his loyalty and you get him, But it takes time. :) And honesty helps a lot, we smell bullshit and lies. We might not tell, But we know. Just a little advices here ;) But thank you! 😄

  31. Thank you! I’m actually having a hard time with jealousy and obsession atm 😅 I’ve tried to talk to him about it but he gets SUPER defensive and angry at me. I guess he feels like I am in doubt of his feelings but I have a lot of trust issues from previous relationships that I am working on but haven’t been able to talk to him about it without him getting mad. Any advice?

  32. I’m insanely attracted to them! This will be my 4th relationship with a Scorpio and we are late 30’s so abit more mature and he seems very open and honest and I really appreciate that. He is confident and sure of himself. Although communication could be better 😅

  33. about flight anxiety: remember that planes are basically the safest form of public transport out there and accidents are so rare that if they do happen they even make it to international news (got this advice from someone on this exact subreddit haha)

  34. Thank you this is great advice. I am def a planned but my SO isn’t. He is also a lot more independent than me aswell and when I’ve tried to talk about it I’m not always left feeling reassured but we have different communication styles so I’ll try again. He isn’t nervous about is meeting at all so I should find strength in that. About flying that is very true ☺️ Thank you!

  35. My Scorpio man chased me, then when I showed interest we both made a lot of time for each other. He knew he wanted to be with me straight away and had actually planned out a bunch of stuff for us and how things would pan out all going well. I guess you will just know if they want to be with you in a committed relationship. I met my Scorpio man and within 3 months we were an item. He declared that I was his but I was more than happy to be with him ☺️

  36. My Scorpio is SUPER private. He has told me on a few occasions how he feels about me and they came out of the blue which was really nice. But as some others have posted you can’t make a Scorpio do or say anything they don’t want. Sometimes I’ll send a heartfelt message to my bf and it’ll be met with a thanks for the message 😅 not the response I was excepting at first but it’s not about the response it’s more about me telling him how I feel. Took some time for me to get use to his communication style, actions speak louder than words 💯

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