1. Nah I think it would just make the rivalry more fun

  2. I would totally agree if we could ever manage to win those games lmao

  3. Now if we can only find a spot for Briles to go...

  4. Careful. The briles defenders will jump all over you for saying negative things about him

  5. Ikr. People look at our stats at the end of the game and think briles is a genius. It doesn’t tell the whole story though. I’ve had countless arguments here about it

  6. There are definitely small improvements performance wise. Nothing huge but just little things here and there

  7. It was a bad season. Nobody is ok with it but y’all are being silly about this. The two other seasons were good, no. One not even bad season. Just middling and inconsistent and you’re just like OMG fire everyone. Briles sucks. That’s not how you build a program. That’s not how you sustain success. And the dumbest part is if he’s let go he’d have a higher quality job within the week. 3 years of objectively great results with one mid season isn’t enough to sour me. Sorry I’m not a dumbass

  8. I just can’t believe people can watch our offense this year and be ok with risking throwing away another season by keeping him.

  9. You mean our objectively above average sometimes great offense. Nope can’t imagine why either.

  10. First of all I think calling our offense this year above average is crazy. Our stats on paper are good yes. But our ability to score and red zone offense is embarrassing. Without burks to heave it up to we have nothing this year. And that’s shown briles poor red zone play calling. Who cares if our stats are good if we can’t score and win games

  11. I don’t claim to know who to hire i never said that. All I now is what I’ve watched this year has been a embarrassing inexcusable performance by our OC. He’s lost multiple games for us this year. He’s our Qb coach and Kj had completely regressed from last year. And we saw the quality of his qb coaching with our backup qb play. There’s absolutely no possibility this guy makes it as a HC.

  12. Don’t listen to him. I’d say these are really good pulls. 2 trainer cards and a Vmax are great. Plus that Rayquaza is a sick card

  13. That’s funny you’re trying to gate keep Pokémon cards lol. Actually more sad than funny 😁

  14. Waiting for the briles defenders to come out and look at the stat lines and defend him

  15. So when people said we wouldn’t win another game after Missouri state, they were wrong. I don’t have to imply anything. They’re wrong like you will be.

  16. I would love to be wrong. But after tonight if you still think we have a shot at ole miss and Lsu I want whatever you are smoking. But I will say we might have a chance with mizzou if we show up to play

  17. You’re right we’ve never upset lsu or ole miss

  18. I would love to but it’s different this time. We aren’t even anywhere near the top 25 this year. Talk to me next week

  19. For the love of god can we please make 1 3rd and long stop this year

  20. I was away from the TV... Please don't tell me KJ went down hurt....

  21. Nah I’m a Razorback born and bred - just a realist

  22. Real fans dont hate this hard on their own team. Their is nothing wrong with having optimism for your team

  23. There are 2.2 million people in this subreddit playing. And that’s not counting the possible millions playing that haven’t joined. Someone just went over your square

  24. Yeah but they’ve shown he doesn’t really need those, since he’s taken them off before

  25. Helps him breathe in harsh conditions like space. They also make him immune to force choking


  27. That was an amazing throw he put it where only AJ could get it. Stop hating on tanny

  28. It’s fake. We have already seen the release timeline for Star Wars shows/movies for the next 5+ years and this isn’t in that. Doubt we wouldn’t know about this show until now.

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