1. I still speak with his cousins, we’re Instagram friends and I still have a lot of love for them. I don’t speak with the rest of his family. I did try to foster a relationship with his parents for my daughter, but there was an incident when she wanted to see my daughter and said she’d meet me half way. But, when she got to her hotel she no longer wanted to meet me half way, because she’d been traveling and wanted me to drive to her hotel with my daughter.

  2. That is crazy. It seems like Jake's family are a little unhinged themselves. Curious if you'll ever hear from them about what think about Jake's new found fame that he's always craved. lol

  3. What does “reimagined’ mean in this context? I saw the pre show and it sounded like he was playing the songs the same.

  4. Tacoma Dome. Tacoma, Washington. 1985 lol. I was 10 years old and it was my first concert.

  5. Wrong. That's just what you want to believe. Get a grip.

  6. Um I sure do. Wouldn't it be more likely that I don't know what "/s" means bruh?

  7. I saw him in Portland. I bought two tickets and my friend couldn’t go. So I was alone at a table directly in front of the mic. He was relentless but I had a lot of fun. He was touching my face and even asked me if the inside of my butthole was pink.

  8. I don’t think people care that you do drugs, they care that you do drugs and steal from others.

  9. Do all the drugs you want just don’t assault people for no reason and steal people’s shit obviously

  10. I'm a social worker who works directly with the homeless and believe me, high housing costs are NOT the driving force behind the homeless epidemic. These are not people who are just down on their luck, or were evicted after a rent increase. Of course those people exist, but the overwhelming majority of homeless individuals are homeless because of severe mental health and/or substance use disorders, usually co-occurring. I'm guessing that Washington has a higher rate of homelessness than other states because we offer more in the way of services. We make it a lot easier to survive as a homeless addict with mental health issues.

  11. You’ll get one auto per mini box. It’s such a fun overall rip. Hopefully you get more refractors, too.

  12. Thanks. Are there a few particular cards/players I’m looking for?

  13. My sister once broke up with a guy she'd been dating (and sleeping with) for about a month. Apparently, she'd never really LOOKED at his penis (sex in dark rooms). She knew he had a tattoo on his penis, but didn't know what it said until she finally went down on him.

  14. It’s a CB terribly sad. I think he makes bangers but I’m afraid I won’t be able to listen to his music without just thinking about his illness and lashing out.

  15. I saw a woman using a walker in the middle of the street on 15th on Capitol Hill. She couldn’t get around a one man homeless camp with shit and garbage for yards around where he was sitting/camping. The sidewalk was completely full.

  16. Desperately clinging on to the edge of the plate in the face of this beanvalanche.

  17. Amazing. How do you all get this stuff? Do you need to be up against the stage when the show ends or do you stick around after everyone bounces? lol

  18. That is awesome man. I'd love to share mine from the Seattle show but I can't seem to figure it out on my iphone. It says I already downloaded it and to look for it in my "files" folder which I did but I don't see it. Any tips for us iPhone users? Thanks.

  19. If you're still having trouble, you could attach it to an email and send it to me and I can upload it for you. Let me know if you want to try that and I'll DM you my email address!

  20. Just curious how that works? I’m trying to get the songs on my iTunes. Is that possible?

  21. This is such a loser comment. When I read shit like this online I always just figure you’d be like 22 at the oldest to say something this unhelpful and stupid.

  22. If this is the episode I’m thinking of, didn’t he tell the interviewer Mark that he was homeless? lol

  23. The guy getting beat up is a 19 year old white pimp that pimps out a 18 year old meth addict used to be two 18 year old meth addict and the other is a pimp in his 30s. Fucking pimps eh? Edit: missing words The white kids name is lil Kelpy.

  24. Probably somewhere in the 5 cents ballpark give or take a few pennies.

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