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  1. A local shop I follow on social is already posting "LIMITED TIME! BUY NOW BEFORE THE SENATE BANS EVERYTHING! SUPPLY RUNNING LOW!" ads.

  2. “Supply running low” like every single firearms manufacturer isnt stamping out and selling more guns than ever at the moment

  3. If you are born a man you will ALWAYS be a he

  4. And of course beto got a million bucks from none other than George Soros

  5. Lmao no im judging this entirely on the d.a’s that George Soros has funded. Those people soros has supported have literally driven crime to levels I’ve never seen in my 25 years. Now if Soros has consistently supported libtards that destroy our cities and towns beacuse EqUItY why would i have any confidence in a gubernatorial candidate he supports? Did you know or even bother considering any of that beto male?

  6. Polls can be used to drive public opinion, not just measure it

  7. Lmao you’ll hate Illinois even more we had all that when i was in school. I hadn’t even realized it was weird until this post. Oh and dont forget out 4.95 income tax rate and our out of control property values/taxes

  8. Thank you for stripping me of my rights! How would you like to bend me over next Mr. Trudeau? /s

  9. Lmaooo and a single handed vendetta against one single sub has begun. More bike memes plz

  10. To be honest every single badge listed with the exception of fishing and fly fishing are all pretty unique. The many badges for similar things follow the same requirement structure with vastly different tasks to do.

  11. ¿ i Feel like killing carbon is something environmentalists should clamor for?

  12. Honestly a good nice walkable city doesn’t even seem bad but Reddit leftists always have to ruin anything associated with the idea with tribalism and political opinions

  13. Thats why this particular sub is so goddamn toxic

  14. Lmao this was one of his comments on a post about Lamborghinis: “All that money spent, and you still can't play videogames while moving. Unlike public transport passengers.”

  15. 300 pound basement dweller or a 13 y.o with little understanding of the universe

  16. This is hilarious fellow Illinoisa resident here out of cook county and our foids were approved the exact same day. I as well have yet to receive mine but will update if i do. Also my lady asked to get her address updated they printed that one out a week ago and it hasn’t arrived either.

  17. To be fair, neither are American owned anymore, so :shrug:

  18. If you want to drop some cash at the moment you should think about looking at things on this list

  19. Okay I was panicking because of the absolute egregious tyranny purposed in this bill. I have yet to purchase my first firearm, I’m young, but you better believe the first gun I buy will be any of the ones listed in this bill.

  20. Thank you!!! Google was failing me, I don't know why I didn't think about Wikipedia.

  21. Unfortunately no filter for the camps that have shut down in recent years but it says it in one of the colums

  22. Okay, so raise the licensing standards for 18 year olds. I bought my first gun at 18, literally an imported AK.

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